WIN8 Boot small keyboard light does not light how to do?

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Win8 power-on Small keyboard light is not bright solution.

The method is as follows:

Method One:

Press NumLock when the password is entered into the login window after power-on, let the NUM LOCK indicator light up, and then choose Reboot there without logging on, so that Windows automatically remembers that the NUM lock LED is always on at logon. This is the memory function of Windows, on the contrary, the last time is off, then the next time the digital keyboard light is out.

Note: If your machine uses optimization software such as Optimization master, Super Rabbit and so let it automatically login, then open the machine will not stop in the Login window interface, then either cancel the automatic login, or set the password first. Then follow the above operation, and then cancel the password.

Method Two:

In the start-"Run" box, enter regedit to open the registry and find HKEY_USERS in turn. DefaultControl Panelkeyboard to the right there is initialkeyboardindicators to change its value to 2.

Method Three:

Only need to Config.sys files to move small operation can achieve this goal. Set the method as follows:

1, click Run on the Start menu, type "Sysedit" in the Open box, and press ENTER to open the System Configuration Editor window.

2, click the "Config.sys" title bar, switch it to the current editing window, and then type the "numlock=on" command in the edit area.

Method Four:

1, the BIOS project set to open;

2, to enter similar options;

3, after entering the selection, such as figure two similar options;

4. Set the status of the digital keyboard lamp to "on".

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