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We know that Win8 faster than Win7 faster, but many netizens feel the WIN8 system, feel the boot speed or slow. So Win8 boot speed slow How to do, do we have any optimization skills? The answer is yes, the following Pepsi net small series lattice with everyone to share under the Win8 Boot Speed optimization guide, want to upgrade the speed of the Win8 of Friends may wish to refer to the next.

Win8 boot speed Slow How to do Win8 Boot speed optimization Guide

Win8 Boot Speed Optimization Guide step details are as follows:

1, first we use the combination of shortcut keys: Windows + R out of the "Run" input box, enter "msconfig" in the input box and then run a "system Configuration" new function window, as shown in the following figure:

2, in the System Configuration window, the preferred switch to the "Boot" menu, and then in the "No GUI Guide" before a tick, basically this step can save two seconds to boot time, the following figure:

3, then we switch to the "Advanced options" card, and then according to their own CPU core quantity and real content capacity to do the right configuration, because the small series is dual-core cpu,4g memory, this is the case of their own computer, the following figure:

4, the next thing is to close some unnecessary boot startup items, small knitting here is used by the Golden Hill guards, now a lot of software to provide this function, these people are their own situation and set, the clearance of the clearance, the stay, for a lot of software, we do not boot automatically, so you can prohibit all boot automatically start.

5, the last thing is to clean up the system of garbage, presumably everyone will be, in fact, a large number of garbage files will also drag the system to boot and running speed, this proposal that you regularly clean up the system of garbage, there is a computer desktop as much as possible to put the file, so that the accelerated boot is also a certain help.

About WIN8 boot speed and corresponding Win8 boot speed optimization, small series today for everyone to introduce here. When you're done, just restart it and see if it's a lot quicker. In addition, I think the boot speed is not satisfactory, we suggest that you change a solid state hard drive will have a significant speed increase.

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