WIN8 cell phone data cable connected to the computer do not respond to do?

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1. Click on "desktop" or "win+d" shortcut keys or press "Win" to display the desktop under the start interface.

WIN8 mobile phone data cable to connect the computer does not respond to the solution.

The specific steps are as follows:

1, the realization of mobile phone and computer connection The first step is to open the mobile phone "USB debugging" switch. Click "Settings"-"Application"-"development tool" and check the USB debug switch.

2, when the mobile phone appears to be unable to connect with the computer, the most direct way is to install mobile phone drivers to the computer, which can be downloaded to the relevant official on the Internet, you can use mobile phone class management software (such as pea clip, Brush Machine Wizard) program to automatically obtain and install the mobile phone driver.

3, to ensure that the Settings Manager does not disable mobile devices. Right-click the computer icon and select Manage from the pop-up extended menu.

4, in the Open "Computer Management" interface, expand the Android phone entry, right click on the disabled mobile phone driver, select the "Enable" item.

5, when the above methods can not solve the problem of mobile phone connected to the computer, we can use the "trend to USB monitoring" software to achieve problem solving.

6, in the Open Program main interface, check the "Disable USB storage Device" item, the disabled operation of this item does not affect the normal use of computer mouse and keyboard.

7, the next check "Disable mobile phones, pad and other portable Devices" item, you can set the phone to disable.

8, the next check the "Restore USB storage devices, mobile phones or Bluetooth device use" item, to this, and then try to connect the phone and computer, you will find that the phone can be used normally.

2, the beginning of the location of the right mouse button click. Select "Computer Management"

3, into the Computer Management dialog box click: "System Tools"--"Local Users and Groups"-"users"--then select you want to change the user name on the right and then click "Set Password"

4. Recognize that you want to set a password.

5, the new password. Enter two times and use this password the next time you log in to the system. Determine

6, fixed password has been set

7, restart the computer, is not required to enter a password before landing. As shown in figure:

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