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With everyday use, you will find that your computer starts to boot faster than it did when you just used it, and brand computer users sometimes find similar problems: In the same hardware configuration, pre-installed systems tend to be slower than installing systems alone. One of the main reasons for this problem is that the startup process becomes more and more, causing the computer to separate some resources from the startup procedure to serve those random start programs. But in fact in addition to the security software and hardware drivers, most of the other applications do not need (or even should not) be started with the system, so we can clean up these random boot programs to help the computer speed up the start speed.

In the XP and Win7 system, we can use the "msconfig" command to open the System Configuration window, with the "Startup" management function to control the boot program. But in Windows 8, the boot management feature in the system configuration moved to a place where it was easier to find.

WIN8, start management, change the place.

Go to desktop mode, and then right-click the Task Manager on the taskbar and switch to the Startup tab to see the current computer's Self starter project.

Boot management consolidation into Task Manager

Unlike the boot manager in Win7, the WIN8 boot manager adds a "Startup impact" parameter description that evaluates each of the startup items and then gives them a degree of impact on the system. If your computer's starting speed has been significantly reduced, start by looking for the reason.

First find those applications that start to impact at the top level, and then identify the programs they must start (such as security software or device drivers), and then disable programs that are unimportant but that affect the system startup from the Autostart list. By right-clicking on the list of programs, clicking Disable (or clicking on the "Disable" button in the lower right-hand corner), the program will not follow up after the next boot/reboot.

Disable programs that have a greater impact on system startup

If you're not sure what the program is for, you can use attributes or open file locations to determine what they are, or if it's not clear, try "online search" and use the Bing search engine to understand these programs.

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