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It's never been known until the Metro interface is familiar.

Although the Windows 8 system, for the time being, has not been recognized by most users. But after a short day experience, it's a matter of time before I deeply believe that the widespread popularity of the system in the future market may be a problem. In this attempt to understand Win8 day, small set Win7 that "slim" Start menu, as well as Microsoft has always been the traditional File manager interface, and even put aside the past familiar with all the operation of the way, with confusion into the Windows8 of this new system world.

Built in a rich Metro style program

Start Win8 operating system, small series found that it and Win7 the biggest difference is that the main interface is not the traditional blue sky white clouds, replaced by the Metro style of the magnetic stickers icon, neat rectangular icons and square icons, to give people the impression of uniform.

Start screen

There is a significant difference between the Win7 and the Windows 8 main interface, with a lot of Microsoft's own software products built into it. For example, Bing Search, click on the Start screen of the Bing icon, into the Bing search interface, the box-style search boxes, and the current hot keyword is also used in the Metro style box surrounded by the visual feel very neat and comfortable.

Bing Search Interface

Also based on Microsoft's Bing search engine, the travel site recommendation software, click on the Win8 Start screen "bing tourism", and then there will be a large size of the tourist attractions photos, the user drag the slider by the mouse, or press the keyboard "<-" "->" around the key to move, you can play like a movie general, From left to right to enjoy the tourist pictures, give people an immersive feeling.

Bing Travel

Win8 Power Operation power-on reboot shutdown

After a preliminary understanding of the WINDOWS8 system interface, and then the mind of the question is-how do we let the computer hibernate, restart, shutdown it? These basic operations as a Win8 novice should master drops, we move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen, you can appear settings menu.

Right column system settings

Put the mouse over the gear, the set menu will appear in a long black column, the interface becomes clear, small series See the "Search" "Sharing" "Start" "Settings" and so on.

Setting options for the right column

Small series with the mouse click Gear Options, the System Setup Panel, and then click on the "Power" icon, there will be "sleep", "shutdown", "restart" options, very convenient and smooth.

Power management options

Small part of the previous use of Windows7, the depth of the system settings need to click the "Start" Menu control Panel, and in the Win8, as long as the mouse to move to the lower right of the screen, click the gear can be set up, convenient bar.

Farewell Win7 Start Menu Win8 Start screen admin everything

Once used Windows7, click the "Win" button, will pop up "slim" Start menu, now used Win8, the Start menu is gone, turned into a more powerful Metro style "start screen." By clicking the "Win+q" button, users can view all applications installed in WIN8 in the Metro interface, and they can search by application, settings, files. (The search interface to the right of the image below).

Replace "Start Menu" with "Start Screen"

After a small series of tests, most of the software on the Windows7 can be run on the WINDOWS8 (as long as it works in compatible mode), and each newly installed software will appear on the "win+q" Start screen.

User-installed software can be viewed on the start screen

Users can also set up a single piece of software by right-clicking, which is one feature of Win8 's use of the Metro interface instead of the Win7 Start menu.

Set up software shortcuts and taskbar

Believe that the small series, the use of the Metro interface, you will find out how primitive the Win7 Start menu, in the Metro interface, you can have installed software, through the right click, so that the software icon fixed to the Metro Start screen, or cancel the fixed; or you can get the software to the taskbar; uninstall the software; open a new window ; Run as Administrator; Open file location.

Netizens feel it, Win8 on the beginning of the screen on the software set up operation and the previous WIN7 Start menu operation is the same, but for a more convenient, beautiful, comfortable form.

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