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Adobe Flash has recently been active, updating recommended reminders for Win7 and Win8. Adobe Flash Such a system plug-in tool, users may be directly exposed to a few hours of time, but its function is always accompanied by users. For the WIN8 operating system, the IE10 itself integrates Adobe Flash's plug-in functionality.

After the frequent occurrence of Adobe Flash Update, the author encountered some problems in the installation of Adobe Flash, the problem is very common on the Internet, and most of them can not be solved.

Four-way Solution Win8 Flash version too low but unable to install

Failure case: "Your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser contains the latest version of the built-in Adobe Flash Player. Windows Update notifies you when a new version of Flash Player is available. "I believe everyone has received such a system hint, right?" The next time waiting for Adobe flash download finished, start the installation, Adobe Flash instead prompts the user, the system already has a new version of Adobe Flash, update Error!

Adobe Flash Installation encountered problems

Solution: This article provides a total of four solutions, everyone according to the situation of their own problems to operate. Concrete operation process, the following continue to decompose!

First of all, the first solution. Now to provide a solution, Adobe Flash appears in the system, can not uninstall, but not installed, this problem can be considered through the Adobe Flash Control again management to eliminate this situation.

First, we need to find some suitable for optimization and repair system Tools, here you can consider the use of Tencent computer Butler or Golden Hill Guardian.

Here, we take Tencent computer housekeeper as an example for everyone to explain.

Second, access to the computer clinic (Trouble shooting section)

Computer Clinic Internet Abnormal repair function plate

Third, enter the computer clinic "one key repair";

Picture description

Find "network Video", Fix.

Picture says

Five, network video was successfully repaired

Network Video playback Successful

With the help of Tencent Computer Butler, network video playback repair completed, this is the first relatively direct, but also suitable for universal users to use the method. The following article continues to introduce several other solutions.

The above method is a more direct fix, and if the tool is used to fix the invalid, then consider using the scenario provided in this section to fix it. This method is mainly combined with the Windows 8 system Tools, the operation of the process is relatively simple.

The method involved in this method is to use WIN8 "program and function" with the function of the processing.

Principle Analysis: Because Microsoft will periodically push the Windows 8 update package for users, these system update packages include Adobe Flash related updates. We go to find some specific update items, uninstall it and reinstall it.

1, right click on the screen in the bottom left corner, select "Program and Function";

2, click on the left column "view installed Updates";

Search for Installed Updates

3, in the upper right corner of the search bar input "KB2805940" (without quotes);

Uninstalling the specified update

Reinstall a stand-alone Update

4, uninstall the search to update and reboot the system, complete restart, download flash update and install: Click to download. Reboot the system again after the installation is complete. Then the problem was solved.

Try to use the scenario if the implementation of Scenario II is not valid. This scenario requires manual access to directory permissions, access to folders: "C:windowssystem32"; Locate the folder "Macromed" and right-click the Select property, switch to the Security tab, and click the Advanced button below.

Macromed folder properties Security/Rights Management

Click on the "Change Permissions" button below, then click "Enable Inheritance", if the button is "Disable Inheritance", then no more clicks. Click "Change" above to enter "everyone" (without quotes) in the Open dialog box, then click "Check Name" and click OK;

change user or group

The dialog box automatically closes and returns, checking "Replace the child container and object owner" and clicking OK to close the window, click OK to close the Properties window again.

If your Win8 is a 64-bit version, you will also need to do the same for the "macromed" folder under "C:windowssyswow64".

Win8 Flash player Fix

After performing the above operation, download Irersoft Fixtoolkit iKB00003 and perform the repair. Click the "scheme one" button and wait and click on any button you want to determine.

Download Irersoft fixtoolkit iKB00003 (The program is written in an easy language, may be killed by antivirus software, please add to the whitelist of antivirus software, or quit anti-virus software and security software before use):

WIN8 Flash Player Repair Process

After the execution, click "Test", the program will automatically use IE to open a cool video, if Youku loaded successfully, the Flash Player repair success. If you are still prompted to install Flash Player, then return to the program, click the "scheme two" button, and follow the instructions to complete the same step 3.

Finally, a more technical method of repair, this way compared to the first in this article is simpler (the process of operation), but in the detection and repair process, it will take more time to do. Let's take a moment to experience this method of repairing Adobe flash failures.

The scheme performs system repairs (performing the "Sfc/scannow" command for system checks), subject to the assumption that programme III is still invalid.

Start command Prompt (Admin)

Open the Start menu, type "CMD" directly, and right-click the command prompt in the search list and click "Start in Admin mode" at the bottom.

Start cmd

Repair completed waiting to reboot the computer

Enter "Sfc/scannow" (without quotes) in CMD and return. Wait for the repair result. After a few minutes, system repair completed, CMD prompts the user to reboot to complete the repair.

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