Win8 desktop icons Blur how to have a clear desktop icon

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1, right click on "desktop", in the bounce out of the dialog box, select the "Screen resolution" option.

2. In the screen resolution panel, we select the "enlarge or shrink text and other items" option at the bottom.

3, in the pop-up "display" panel, will "change the size of all items," Here we choose "Small-100%", click "Application"

4, then the system prompts us "whether to log off the computer", if you want to restore immediately select "Log off Now", you can also choose "Log off later" according to their own needs can be.

5, waiting for the computer to log off, look at the desktop icon back to the original clear appearance.

Windows 8 system has been the pursuit of high-definition screen as the goal, in some operational technology to do some innovation, and the system in the face of desktop icons obscure problem, most of the font is magnified after the resulting, so the user as long as a few simple steps can solve the problem.

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