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Windows 8 has been released for half a year now and more friends are starting to think about moving to the WIN8 system, but some users are the first to think of piracy. In fact, in China after so many years of the formation of such awareness is not strange, but the harm of piracy is ultimately a big problem.

First of all, Microsoft this time to the piracy problem of the dead hand, the new mode of activation to make piracy difficult to carry out. Now appear on the internet, all kinds of so-called activation is self-deception, that is, false activation, in fact, very multi-functional is still not available.

Non-active genuine is not available

But the more important issue is security, and the use of piracy must be subjected to enormous risk pressures. On the one hand, pirated systems do not normally get technical support from Microsoft, and the ever-changing viruses and malicious programs can easily invade the pirated systems. If it's a personal computer or it's just a loss of data, it's hard to estimate if it comes to corporate and property data.

Pirated software, on the other hand, is not a free lunch, and pirates are more or less able to embed software or even malware into the system. At the same time, through a number of ways to shield the pirated system from Microsoft's updates, so that the built-in software is always lurking in the system.

Pirated systems can be hidden.

Of course, the purchase of genuine WIN8 can also get a better experience and services. After buying the WIN8, we can use the Microsoft account to enjoy the brand-new, Skydrive, Skype and so on, and the game player can use his account to connect the Win8 pc with the Xbox, for Online Entertainment.

Genuine access to Microsoft services

Also, the reload has been a very troublesome thing, but through the genuine WIN8 upgrade, we can keep the original computer files and installed the software, thereby eliminating the trouble of installing again.

Can exempt from duplicate installation software

We know that since Microsoft announced shortly after 1 years after the end of Windows XP, a large number of users abandoned the system, because then the security of the system will be difficult to protect. If the installation of pirated Win8 means that there is no security from the beginning, such a system people still dare to use?

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