Win8 How do I adjust the brightness and contrast of my display?

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Method One, in the WIN8 operating system adjusts the contrast is through the Easy setting center above to set up, directly presses the combination shortcut key +u key to be able to open the easy Use setting center, then clicks "Sets the high contrast" to be able to adjust;

Of course, you can also use the shortcut key: Press Left ALT + left SHIFT+PRTSCN to enable or turn off high contrast, as shown in the figure:

Method Two: Move the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the desktop and choose Settings as shown in the picture:

Click "Settings", then click to open "Control Panel"-"easy to use"-"easy to use the setting center"---"Set high contrast", so you can adjust the brightness contrast of win8. As shown in the figure:

Method Three, also open Win8 Control Panel, find the Nvidia Control Panel double-click to open it, in the above can adjust brightness, contrast, gray, tonal, digital vibration control and other parameters. As shown in the figure:

Adjust the brightness contrast here click the "Adjust Desktop color settings" option. As shown in the figure:

Method Four, in your monitor is there are several buttons, you can use these buttons to adjust the brightness contrast, this method is applicable to the operating system, for win8 brightness contrast adjustment of course is also feasible.

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