Win8 How do I set the file to read-only system properties?

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Normally, you can only change the read-only property of a file by right-clicking the property, and the system properties don't even have the appropriate options (figure):

Operation Steps:

1, right click on the folder, click the "Properties" settings appear as follows:

Select the Read only (file in folder only (R)) check box, which only adds read-only properties to files in this folder, not the read-only property of this folder.

To set this folder to contain subfolders, you will have the following prompts, select as shown in the red box, and then click OK, which literally adds a read-only property to the folder and its subfolders and files, but actually verifies that this action will only add read-only properties to the files under the file.

2. If you want to set up a normal folder with read-only or System properties, you need to use the attrib command.

How do I use commands to set the read-only or System properties of a folder? Let's look at Windows instructions for the ATTRIB command:

Show or set file folder properties

The format of the directive and the commonly used parameters are

ATTRIB [+r |-r] [+a |-A] [+s |-S] [+h |-h] [[Drive:] [path] filename] [/S [/d]]

+ Set properties.

-Clears the properties.

R read-only file properties.

A Archive file attribute.

S System file properties.

H hidden file properties.

I have no content index file properties.

[Drive:] [Path] [FileName]

Specifies the file attributes to process.

/S handles matching files in the current folder and its subfolders.

/d also processes folders.

/l handles attributes for symbolic links and symbolic link destinations.

So here's an example of how to use the attrib command by setting the 123 folder for H disk for read-only and system attributes.

Step 1: Use the WIN+R key combination to open the run, enter the "cmd" command, carriage return.

Step 2: Enter "H:" in the command window, return to H disk, enter "attrib 123", then click "Enter" to view the folder properties, you can now see the folder is not a property.

Step 3: Enter "attrib +r +s 123", carriage return, set 123 folders to read-only and System properties.

Step 4: Enter "attrib 123" again, return, can view 123 folder now attribute is S,r, know its now attribute is read-only and System attribute.

Note: When you set the system properties, we find that when you right-click this folder property, the hidden attribute is dimmed:

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