Win8 How do I use the Windows to go feature?

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1, hardware requirements:

Computer: Install WIN8 operating system, CPU needs more than 1GHZ, memory space is above 2GB, graphics card needs to support DirectX 9 and WDDM 10 or later version.

2, U disk: The computer's USB interface is best to support USB3.0, if the computer only supports USB2.0, you can consider using a mobile hard disk instead of U disk. Although Microsoft Official Tip 16G, but the actual operation of 32G space to support the operation of the graphical interface, less than 32G space may only be applicable to command operations.

3, software requirements: WIN8 Enterprise original operating system installation CD-ROM or the corresponding ISO extension of the installation files. Of the Win8 four versions of the operating system, only the enterprise version currently supports the Windows to go feature.

4. Installation steps:

Understand the installation of Windows to go hardware and software requirements, the match can be operated. The installation files for the WIN8 operating system are loaded into the virtual CD drive first.

5, then, click on the Control Panel in Windows to go.

6. Next add the WIN8 system image, navigate to the mounted WIN8 mirror location (letter), and the wizard can automatically find the Install.wim file under that path.

7. In "Set Bitlocker password (optional)", if you want to use BitLocker to protect windows to goes to prevent unauthorized use, you can type the BitLocker password in this step so that each time you start Windows to go, you will A password is required, otherwise it cannot be used.

8, if set the password, the boot will need to enter the correct password to enter the system. If you enter the wrong password, you will be prompted to restore the system.

9, go back to the previous steps, after the setting of Bitlocker, the Installation wizard will be the last prompt will delete all the data on the current drive, if confirmed click the Create button.

10, the next wizard will release the WIN8 system image to the drive, according to the computer configuration, may need to wait nearly 10 minutes of time (operating system as far as possible do not do other work, lest error).

11, the system image copy finished, there will be a startup option to select the Settings menu, here to choose No, so that the startup information will be recorded on the Windows to go drive.

12. Windows to go supports UEFI bios booting, so booting and booting directly from windows to go without having to reset the BIOS on a UEFI-booted computer, the first run, like the usual complete WIN8 installation, requires initialization testing and then entering OOB E-phase Setup, and then it is the same as usual with Windows 8.

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