Win8 How to change the power-on password

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Win8 How to change the power-on password

Win8 set the power-on password already has three kinds of forms, one kind is the traditional set up the power-on password, in addition has two kinds is the WIN8 system new power-on encryption way, one kind of pin encryption, also has one kind is the graphics encryption. Below we introduce separately:

Enter the Win8 user account setting method is: Move the mouse to the lower right corner, click Settings, and then in the lower right corner of the computer settings, there is a change in the password, you can see that there are three kinds of power-on password settings, as follows:

Win8 three ways to set up login password

Below we introduce each of the three kinds of power-on password method, in which the traditional password settings we will not be introduced,

1. First take a look at creating a pin password

Create a PIN password is very simple, in the above figure, select "Create pin password" After filling in the 4-digit password, click on the bottom of the confirmation can be completed, the following figure:

Create pin power-on Password

Ps:pin boot password can be with the traditional power-on password at the same time, we are on the boot or computer lock can choose to use the traditional password login, you can also use the PIN password login system interface.

2, create picture password

Create a picture password is also very simple, click the Login password setting option, clicking "Create graphics Password" First will prompt you belong to the traditional password, the following figure:

Enter a password before you can create a graphics password

You can then enter the selection password picture, as shown below:

Select Win8 Password picture

Picture selection can use the local picture on our computer, browse to find can:

Confirm Select Password Picture

Then you will be prompted whether to select this picture, if you want to change other pictures can also click to select a new picture to replace, and after the completion of the draw gestures, the following figure:

Confirm Win8 Password picture and gesture

After that, let's retype the gesture to confirm it for normal use, and when the setup is complete, it prompts you, as shown in the following picture:

Picture Password Creation Complete

After the completion of the above, we boot into the lock screen interface, you will find more than before a login option, is the picture password, the following figure:

Sign in with a picture password

If we want to use the picture password, then click on the image password will appear before we set the picture interface, in this interface we set the password before the gesture to draw gestures, you can unlock.

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