Win8 How to open a host network when a hotspot is established

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With laptops, many friends will have the habit of open hot, and mobile phone with a wireless network to save traffic. How to use notebook as a hot spot, probably everyone already know, of course, your notebook should also be able to support the establishment of hot spots. And sometimes our notebook after reloading or a long time did not use hot spots, there will be "unable to start the host network" situation, encountered this situation how can we reset to allow the host network to open, so that the notebook reconnect hot? Let's study here.

1, at the command prompt (CMD), the final step is after the Netsh wlan start hostednetwork prompts that "the state that hosts the network group or resource cannot be started is not the correct state to perform the requested operation."

2, open "Control Panel-system and security-Device Manager" to find the network adapter-microsoft managed network virtual adapter. Right-click to enable note he has several names: Microsoft Kernel Debug network adapter or XXXX Wireless network adapter network the end adapter.

3, and then back to the command prompt output netsh wlan start hostednetwork will prompt for success.

4, then follow the normal steps on the line, but just in case, you can open the network and Sharing Center, point my diagram in the Ethernet (not necessarily the same, some people are connected to the local) have the Internet, click Point Open.

5, point attribute, share inside, tick, anthology to connect 2 (most people are local connection 2 very few different). You can then search for WiFi with an ipad or a cell phone or other laptop. (Note: This step does not take place even if WiFi is connected to WiFi access).

Through the above 5 steps set, congratulations! Your notebook will be able to connect to the hotspot, and there will be no more annoying "unable to start the hosting network" problem. Although we can use the hot spot, however, in terms of compatibility is still not very satisfactory, if it is to use notebook Win8 system connection or relatively smooth, if you are using mobile phones and other equipment, sometimes the problem of old line, but can always use better than can't use, people say is not?

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