Win8 How to switch Metro applications?

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The first thing you need to do is to switch between the applications that are currently in use, and to turn on the "when I swipe from the left to the middle, switch directly to the recently used Apps" feature.

Apply Toggle Settings

First, use the mouse to switch directly

In the WIN8 system, when you need to switch metro applications, you can also move the mouse to the upper-left corner of the desktop, when the most recently used Application Preview Small window, if you want to switch to the application, you can click on the switch to the application window.

If you want to switch other Metro applications, you can move the mouse directly to the left side of the desktop to continue down, you can see the other recently used other Application Preview small window, move the mouse to the need to switch the Metro Application Preview Small window and click on the Preview Small window to switch to the application window.

Second, the use of ALT + TAB combination key

ALT + TAB as a traditional application switching key combination, in the WIN8 system, is still practical, not only can switch the general application of Windows system, but also can switch metro applications.

ALT + TAB combination key switch application

When you press the ALT + TAB key combination, the general application of the system and the Metro application of the Preview Small window will appear in the middle of the desktop, each press TAB, you can switch the Application Preview small window. When you switch to the desired Application Preview window, you can switch to the application window by releasing the ALT key.

Third, the use of Win+tab key combination

As we all know, in Vista and Win7 press Win + TAB, you will see a 3D effect of the program window switch effect. Of course, in the WIN8 system, users can also use the Win+tab key combination of direct switching WIN8 system Metro applications. When you press Win+tab at the same time, a sidebar appears on the left side of the desktop, and a recently opened Metro Application Preview window appears in the sidebar.

Win+tab Key Switch Metro application

Each time you press the TAB key, you can switch to the Application Preview window until you switch to the Metro Application Preview window that you want, and you can switch to the application window when you release the win key.

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