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Start to run the menu in computer skills and other operations have a very important role, such as we enter the registry, into the CMD command window, and so must be used to start the menu, however, in the WIN8 system, start running the menu is not, before everyone used to start from the bottom left to find the running entrance, To the WIN8 system will not work, with WIN8 system installation users continue to increase, on the Win8 run where the user is more and more, today small set to share with you the next 2 ways to open the Win8 operation.

Since we can not directly find the Start menu, so ask Win8 where the friend is very much, before the Win7 system also have a lot of friends can not find the run, but that at least find the Start menu. Just Win7 system hidden deep Some, but in the WIN8 system because of the removal of the Start menu, obviously can not find the WIN8 began to run, then Win8 how to open the operation?

Method One: Use the fast key to open Win8 run

At the same time, press win key +r can open Win8 run, the key schematic diagram, such as, first hold down the win key, and then press the R key to open the Win8 run.

Win8 Key

Using shortcut keys to turn on Win8 runs is a common method, and Windows XP also works with Windows 7 systems.

Method Two: Using Win8 private Open Run method

The method is as follows: first move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen, then click the right mouse button, then in the pop-up menu, choose to Run, then you can open Win8 run, the following figure:

Win8 Start running Open method

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