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Self-band application is no longer a chicken

The Windows 8 built-in application feature is a bit simple, which is the view of many people (including me) after use. It is for this reason that we usually opt for Third-party open applications to replace them until the latest application upgrade. After Microsoft has upgraded the built-in applications, their functions have been significantly enhanced, and the practicality has improved.

Applications that have been upgraded in this update include information, weather, and several other applications related to Bing that have been upgraded in functionality and user experience, no longer chicken.

WIN8 Information Application

Windows 8 Information applications

Information application is the focus of this update to care for the object, upgraded information allows users to customize the content plate, support reading RSS feeds and offline reading and other new features.

Win8 Weather Application

Windows 8 Weather Applications

The improvement of weather applications is also very clear, a few days ago, the small series has detailed the improvement of weather applications, here no longer repeat.

WIN8 Map Application

Map application of the main new traffic information display, driving/walking route query function, you can also add some places to the collection, easy to view multiple times.

Sports, tourism, financial applications

Sports Applications Add 29 (now up to 65) sports/tournament federations, it covers football, American football, basketball, rugby, cricket, tennis, car sports, baseball, ice hockey and golf, and allows users to focus on their favorite teams and keep an eye on the information about the team.

Travel applications You can now book air tickets and hotels, view destination sights, high-definition photos of hotels, and even support 3D panoramic maps.

The financial application improved the focus list and kept abreast of the specified stock movements.

RSS feeds are supported for information applications

If your display resolution is up to 1920x1080 or higher, you will find a "get started" content on the right side of the focus news when you open the new version of the information. Here you can see the addition of "Add Resources" and "Customize your Information" two new features.

New features after information upgrade

Add a Resource

In addition to the built-in resource list, the most pleasing thing about it is that it can add any RSS feed address, which means that we choose what we are interested in.

Support a variety of RSS feeds!

Enter the information source you are interested in, and then click on the Search icon on the edge, the bottom of the search results will show the RSS feed of the tiles, click Add it.

Add a Resource

After a successful addition, the tile appears on the information navigation bar and enters a list of information to view the source.

View added sources of information

With RSS support, the application of WIN8 information is a lot wider, I believe that with the gradual upgrade, RSS function will become more and more powerful, perhaps in the future will be Google Reader substitutes may also be.

Other new features of information application

Customizing information content

If you are not interested in applying some of the content that is displayed by default, you can remove them by customizing them and rearrange them in order of interest.

Customizing information content

Go to the custom interface and see the Red Fork button in the upper right corner of each section? The unwanted content disappears; want to see Entertainment and sports information first? No problem, just drag the two pieces of content to the front position.

If you accidentally delete a content to recover, click on the left "management category", you can delete the content back to add

Restore Default Content

Offline reading

When the application is started or refreshed, the lower left corner of the screen prompts the update time and download progress, the current content can be read offline after completion.

The article on the home page is downloaded first after the application is started


After this update, the practical value of these Windows 8 built-in applications, including information, is significantly improved and may still be insufficient compared to some more professional third-party applications, but at least they are "usable" instead? It is believed that the development team will continue to update these applications, resulting in better experience and more functionality. If you haven't upgraded these apps, log in to the Windows App Store to update them.

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