Win8 Interactive ux--Pen interaction

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Optimize the Window store app design for touch input and get basic pen support by default.

This topic describes design considerations for pen interactions. For information about implementing pen interaction, see response pen and stylus interaction.

Pen interaction

Design Windows store apps that users can interact with by creating handwritten notes, drawings, and annotations by using a pen.

The pen can be used as a precise pointing device. More interesting is the use of pens as a drawing device related to digital ink. The Windows ink platform, along with pen devices, provides a natural way to create handwritten notes, drawings, and annotations.

In addition to capturing the space movement of a pen while a user is writing or drawing, your app can also collect information, such as pressure, shape, color, and opacity, to provide a user experience that is extremely similar to drawing on paper using a pen, pencil, or brush.

Because the UI is optimized for the imprecise nature of touch, it naturally supports the inherent precision of pen input.

Win8 Interactive ux--Pen interaction

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