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First we use the "Windows key +x" key combination to bring up the shortcut menu bar, and then select "Run" to call out the input box. Enter "msconfig" in the input box and then run to pop up a new feature window.

Run Msconfig

In this feature window, switch the tab to "boot", where you put the "no GUI Guide" on the hook, and then save it. In this way, we can generally reduce the original boot time by about 2 seconds.

"No GUI boot" on the hook

Of course, to get the computer to boot faster, we have to do something else, such as shutting down unnecessary startup and irrelevant processes, which can be done with tools such as Tencent's computer butler. In addition, often cleaning the computer's junk files can also make the computer faster.

Disabling unnecessary power-on Startup items

Back to the system configuration of the "boot" window, you may also find the "Security boot" option, in fact, this is the Win8 Safe mode to start the way. Where "minimal" is a standard safe mode, "network" is a safe mode to allow network connectivity, while "other Shell" is a safe mode with a command prompt.

Safe Mode selection

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