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HD is the king: Archie Art HD

HD in modern times is the inevitable pursuit, and Archie HD is designed for WIN8 users to develop High-definition video client, rich content of multiple, the application of a clean and friendly interface, video playback smooth, high-definition quality, and provide a large number of free animation resources, so that the otaku feast for the eyes. The Dell XPS12 CPU and graphics performance can play a huge advantage here.

Archie Art HD

Archie Art HD

Archie Art HD

Software Features:

Sub-channel video browsing, find the most love;

The homepage channel launches, the collection custom, creates the personalized homepage content;

Will like the channel, the album fixed to the desktop, quick positioning of the play;

The playback record supports the time memory, facilitates the video renewal and playback;

HD video playback, and support video search function.

Member Points advantage: PPTV Network TV

PPTV Network TV is a very familiar video player, now also timely launch of the WIN8 client. Win8 version PPTV has a large number of European and American blockbusters, popular film and television, popular TV dramas, entertainment, sports, information, games and other video content, and joined the membership level Integration System, to provide more privileged services.

PPTV Network TV

PPTV Network TV

PPTV Network TV computer common sense

Software Features:

Ultra-HD Playback: Support fluent, high-definition, ultra-clear multi-code streaming playback experience;

Cloud synchronization: Support the recent watch, my collection record mobile phone end, PC end, such as multiple terminals of the cloud synchronization;

Desktop Shortcut Access: Movies and recent watch can be fixed to the start screen, a key fast access;

Dynamic Magnetic paste: Support the dynamic display of desktop icons, can be real-time preview of the cover recommended film;

VIP Privilege: Support VIP user exclusive channel;

Offline Caching: Support downloads, can be viewed offline.

See Youku: Youku HD

Youku HD is the Youku for the win 8 Metro interface developed video playback client products, it relies on Youku's video resources and technology advantages, simple interface easy to operate, in line with Win8 Metro end-user habits. Youku HD's massive video provides users with a convenient and smooth client video viewing experience.

Youku HD

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