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Win8 the Safe Mode entry method, probably because a lot of motherboard manufacturers more brain residue, like using F8 to do BIOS shortcuts, so in the Win8 in the F8 into the safe mode, and some people said that according to Shift+f8 can go in, but I pressed the keyboard did not succeed, It seems that even if the method is correct, there are limitations, here are three ways to go in safe mode.

Four methods:

Method One: Enter through the Metro interface (need to enter in the system Setup)

Method Two: Through the boot menu to enter (need to go in the system settings, and need to change back, otherwise return to normal system)

Method Three: Add a startup item, enter in the system system (similar to dual system, boot time selection)

Method Four: During the boot process F8 enter (and XP, Win7 the same)

Method One:

1, move the mouse to the lower right corner, in the pop-up sidebar select settings

2, choose to change the computer settings

3, switch to the Regular tab, click on the advanced start immediately, will restart, you can enter Safe mode

Method Two:

1, Win+r Open run, input msconfig

2, switch to the boot menu, select the current system, in the boot option to check the security boot, and then determine the restart can be, because of a boot, so after using the safe mode, you need to guide the security accomplishments, or return to the normal system

Here are four options:

Min: Safe mode

Other enclosures: Safe Mode with command line

Active Directory Repair: Repairing Active Directory Domains

Network: Security mode that can be networked

Method Three:

1, Win+x Open the menu, select a command prompt (Admin)

2, input bcdedit/enum/v, and then enter

3, locate the Windows boot loader, and then fill in the following Red section with the value of the identifier and descripqion, then enter the command, and return to confirm Bcdedit/copy {identifier}/d "Descripqion (Safe Mode)"

4, Win+r Open run, input msconfig

5, switch to the boot tag, select safe MDE this item, check the following security Guide, four options meaning reference method Two of the 2nd step

6, after the restart, you can see just established the security mode, click on it can enter the

Method Four:

1, Win+x Open the menu, select a command prompt (Admin)

2, input Bcdedit/set {default} Bootmenupolicy legacy

3, after the restart, Crazy press F8, you can enter the following advanced startup items, very familiar with it

Four methods, if you only use Safe mode once, then the method one is good, if often used, then methods three and four more appropriate, especially method four, as for method two, not very recommended

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