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You may have noticed a problem when you used Windows 8, when there is an update patch when the hint is not obvious (only in the login screen text prompts), the installation of important updates will not pop-up prompts for immediate restart, but in the login screen tells you will be restarted in 3 days to complete the update installation. This less obvious hint often leads to a lag in the patch installation, perhaps when you notice a text hint, either the patch has been released for several days, or the system-limited restart time has been made.

Often ignores reboot after patch installation

For desktops, when the shutdown can also see the "Update and restart" tips, if the notebook users, usually not shut down the machine (directly close the screen to allow the system to sleep standby), it is more difficult to restart the update patch in time.

You can know if there is an update when you shutdown

So we need some means of solution.

Some time ago, Xiao Bian has introduced a gadget that can help you get WINDOWS8 updates in a timely fashion (click here for details), and what's about to be told Today is the first time after Windows 8 installation update to notify us in a more significant way about restarting the computer to complete the update.

Before the operation, our WIN8 system needs to update a patch first: KB2822241, this patch was released last week, if there is no accident, you should have already played this patch. If not, check the update immediately through the WIN8 update.

You need to install this update first

After you install this update, you will need to modify the registry file.

1, press "Win+r" Start "Run" box, enter Regedit run Registry Editor;

2, positioning to Hkey_local_machinesoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftwindowswindowsupdateau;

Note: If you do not have windowsupdate and AU, you will need to create these two items manually.

3. Find "Alwaysautorebootatscheduledtime" on the right panel of AU item, if not, create a DWORD and rename it manually.

Change this value to 1

4, double click this DWORD, change its numerical data to "1".

5. Close the Registry Editor and restart the computer when you are finished.

After the modification, a 15-minute countdown Restart notification is immediately displayed whenever Win8 installs an important update, and no longer needs to wait 3 days to notify you. If you do not need to immediately eject the notification, the above registry value to 0 can be restored to the default settings.

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