Win8 Reinstall the system, unable to access the Internet, how to download the driver installation? (370R4E series)

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1. First open Samsung official website in the official website of the search place in the upper right corner of the notebook type "NP370R4E-S01CN":

2. Click the "Drivers and software" in the bottom right of the search results:

3. Click the "Download Center" of "SW Update":

4. Click the "Download" button, as shown in the following image:

5. Download SW Update Software installation successfully, open SW Update software, as shown below:

6. Enter the model "NP370R4E-S01CN" to download the driver in the upper-right corner:

7. Enter the model, press the "Enter" key search, will appear the following results, click the search model:

8. The selection page for the operating system "Windows 7" and "Windows 8" can be selected according to the desired system driver:

9. All drivers and software selection page, check the required driver, click on the bottom right corner of the "Export":

10. According to the prompts to select the path to save the driver, and then click OK:

11. The download progress bar appears to save the installation file, waiting for the driver to download it:

In accordance with the above method to download the driver, the user can be installed through a U disk or mobile storage device such as a removable hard disk to copy the driver to the NP370R4E-S01CN notebook.
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