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Do not know why, want to "add the Start menu on the Win8" online voice is very high, but it is so important? Perhaps Win7 Start menu switch convenient, small area of appearance also make people wrong think run the program also pop-up Start menu is also fluent.

In fact, small series to tell netizens a fact: Win8 under even if you run more programs, and between the program, the program and Metro start interface between the random switch, the system as smooth and stable operation, do not believe we to test.

Resource occupancy comparison: Win7 VS Win8 Start

Let's take a look at the CPU and memory footprint of 16 applications (including Task Manager) at the same time under the Win7 system, and will the system run at this point?

Tip: Notepad is a small program that takes up less resources, and the small one repeatedly opens it in 6 to complement 16 applications.

Open 16 applications under Win7

Although the small series opened 6 Notepad applet, there are large programs Photoshop, browser and so on, but 16 applications have made Win7 appear very crowded, CPU occupancy rate of 36% (low), Memory footprint up to 1.79GB, small knitting computer memory in total only 2GB, and the current browser program has begun to run a bit card.

Total CPU and Memory footprint statistics

Then look at the WIN8,WIN8 environment Open 16 applications, there are also large programs Photoshop, IE10 (Win8 preset IE10) browser, but also includes 6 metro style programs, small set even randomly between the program, the program and the Metro Start screen to switch multiple times.

So, under basically the same conditions (more stringent than the Win7 conditions), let's see how much of the Win8 's 16 apps are? Will there be a problem with the system running smoothly?

WIN8 16 Applications

Same 16 applications, whether you are in the program, between the program and the Metro Start screen to switch, the CPU utilization under the WIN8 accounted for 3%, in total memory is 2GB only occupy 1.3GB of physical memory, and the system runs smoothly, and only open a program when the same smooth.

Win8 system CPU and memory total statistics

Statistics, whether the CPU and memory share or system stability and fluency, Win8 compared to Win7 have a significant advantage.

Why Win8 save resources and flow?

The WIN8 system itself is designed to accommodate the cross-platform design of PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. In saving resources, saving energy is naturally superior to Win7 system, and WIN8 also for the program background task provides a unified task management module, Metro style application no longer in the background to run the process can also achieve background planning tasks. Therefore, the user to switch the process or go to the Metro interface does not affect the smooth operation of the system, it can be the Metro Start screen equivalent to Win7 Small Start menu to use.

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