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Recently to help a friend pre-installed Win8 Chinese version of the system, wireless device driver normal, but not the search signal. Flight mode is confirmed to be off. As shown in the following illustration:

Reason Analysis:

The WIN8 system setup adds new control to the wireless network card, which needs to be enabled to connect to wireless networks.


1. Open the Super button and select "Settings". You can move to the top right corner of the screen with the mouse to open the Super button, or by pressing the keyboard "Windows logo key" + "C" key to quickly open;

2. Click on "More Computer settings"--"wireless" menu;

3. Click on "Wireless Settings" under the small slider to open the wireless function;

4. After the setup is complete, a list of the networks can be found to search for wireless signals.

If the network list displays the following information, check to see if the Wireless Management Service (WLAN AutoConfig (WLANSVC) service) is started.

WLAN AutoConfig Service View method:

Right-click in the taskbar space to select Task Manager;

If shown as a brief information pattern as shown in the following figure, click "Detailed Information";

Click on the "Services" tab to find the Wlansvc (WLAN autoconfig) service to see if the "Status" column is displayed "running";

If shown as stopped, right-click the service to select Start.

This method can start the service, but if the service is disabled or started manually, the service will not start automatically after restarting the computer. If you need this service to start automatically, you can click on "Open service" into the service management interface, refer to the following Knowledge base modified to automatically start.

Operation Steps:

1, open the Service management interface.

Can be opened in three ways

(1) Right click on the desktop computer icon, select "Management", click "Services and Applications", click "Services";

(2) Press the Windows logo key at the same time (keyboard

Logo keys) and r key, open the Run interface, enter services, click OK, the following figure:

(3) At the same time press the CTRL,SHIFT and ESC three keys, open Task Manager, click the "Services" tab;

2. Locate the WLAN AutoConfig (WLANSVC) service, if it is manual or disabled, right-click the service to select Enable (the Task Manager service displays "start").

If you want this service to run automatically after startup, right-click the service Select "Properties", the Startup type is selected as "Automatic", then click "Apply", click "Enable", click "OK" button to close the Settings window. This restarts the computer so that the service can run automatically.

You can set the steps as shown in the following illustration:

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