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In the Win7 system, we can open the System configuration panel through the "msconfig" command, and use the "startup" management function to set which programs need to be started with the system. However, in Windows 8 we did not find the startup item management in the same way in the system configuration--it moved, try it.

Diagram: Win7 startup settings in the system configuration

Startup item settings not found in Win8 system configuration

We first use in the Windows system to set the startup items in the way: Press "Win+d" into the Win8 system of the traditional desktop, press the "Win+r" Open the Run dialog box, enter the "msconfig" command, return to enter the WIN8 system of the System Configuration window.

Diagram: Open the Run window on the WIN8 Super u45f Tsinghua Tongfang

Icon: Enter "Msconfig" in the Run window

By selecting the Startup tab in the System Configuration window of the WIN8 system, we find that there is no list of startup applications, but rather a link "open Task Manager", prompting us to open the Boot section of Task Manager when we want to manage Win8.

Illustration: Win8 Startup Item Management is not in the System configuration Interface

Diagram: Win8 system Configuration Interface prompts startup item Management in Task Manager

To check and manage Startup items in Win8 Task Manager

Just click on the "Open Task Manager" text chain to quickly enter the WIN8 System Task Manager interface. Of course, we can also right click on the taskbar, select "Task Manager." You can then switch to the Startup tab to see the current WIN8 device's Self starter project.

Diagram: Win8 startup Item Management has been consolidated into Task Manager

Icon: The right key menu can disable programs that have a greater impact on system startup

As you can see, unlike previous Windows systems, the startup management of WIN8 system not only lists the name, publisher, status, etc. of the startup item, but also adds a "Start impact" description, the WIN8 system evaluates each startup item to list the impact degree of the startup system, which is divided into "high", "medium" , "Low" and so on.

If we are unsure of the functionality of an application, you can use the right-click menu to view "Properties" or choose "Open File Location" to determine, and click "Search Online" to learn more about the corresponding application using Bing search.

In this way, we can easily find out which startup items have a greater impact on the startup of the system, check that the startup effects are in a high-level application, carefully determine if they are programs that must be started, such as security protection software or device drivers, and then set the programs that are unimportant and that affect system startup to disabled. The disabled method is simple: Click the right mouse button in the list of programs, select "Disable" from the right menu, or click the "Disable" button in the lower-right corner of the interface. So the next power-on reboot system is, these applications will not follow the boot.

Icon: Set up Win8 start item on WIN8 Ultra-u45f Tsinghua Tongfang

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