WIN8 System Blue Screen code 0X000000C2 what to do

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1, through the software query, you can know the blue screen error code 0X000000C2 reason: The operating system can not perform%1.

2. Using network shares on some WIN8 computers produces this blue screen error message.

3. Reason: When the Kerberos ticket times out, the Redirector (RDR) component must update the ticket. To perform this action, RDR starts a new session. RDR then retries the Status_retry status code returned at the highest level of the previous operation. In a shutdown operation, the retry logic cannot rollback all work of the completed logic. Therefore, retry the operation when the client computer stops responding. The server does not stop the session while the operation is off. However, when multiple operations coexist, RDR may fail. Also, in some cases, the timer may expire with a shutdown operation.

4, the device driver mismatch will also cause this Code blue screen, to safe mode to uninstall the updated problem driver.

5, the use of Microsoft Laboratory-certified device driver updates (such as the purchase of the drive with the CD, which is the most appropriate)

6, the details can be entered in the beginning → run: eventvwr.msc, enter the Event Viewer after entering, pay attention to check the system log and the application log in which the error is marked.

7, before, be sure to click on the system failed to record the option, otherwise the blue screen can not record the screen event (may be optimized): Control Panel → system → advanced → boot and recovery → system failure → Check the event to the system log → OK.

After ① the blue screen, locate the error file with the extension DMP under the system disk (usually the C disk) MiniDump folder.

② extension DMP files need to use the source code debugging WinDbg software to view (Microsoft website can download the software)

8, ① Extension of DMP log file for system files, such as not found, need to modify the folder options in advance.

② start → control panel → folder Options → view → Click to display all files and folders → apps.

③ remove the check mark before hiding protected operating system files and hiding extensions of known file types.

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