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Narrator (narrator) is a user-friendly service provided by Microsoft's operating system for visually impaired users, able to convert text to speech and help users read content displayed on the screen, such as active windows, menu options or text, and so on. This functionality is provided by WinXP, Win7, and the latest WIN8 systems, and the WIN8 system optimizes the narrator feature to better help visually impaired users more accurately when using Windows 8 devices, especially touch operations. But if the normal vision of users in the use of the application or play games when the "Win + Enter" key combination, no intention to start "narrator" function may make a lot of friends are overwhelmed, to normal operation bring some small trouble.

This article describes the operation methods and procedures for the WIN8 system Narrator feature to be turned on, off, and completely disabled.

Open Win8 "Narrator" (narrator)

We can use the "Win key + return" key combination to open narrator, or through the WIN8 search to find this feature. If necessary, you can fix this feature on the Win8 start screen or the traditional desktop.

After "narrator", we can use the mouse, the TAB key or touch to select various elements of the screen, the system will read out the current element of all the text and symbol content. Open the Narrator Settings menu, and you can set its status and parameters accordingly.

Windows 8 Narrator feature settings

Close Win8 "Narrator" (narrator)

After you start the narrator feature, if you want to quit, just press "lock key +esc" to exit the Win8 "narrator" feature.

What if you're sure you want to completely disable the narrator feature of the WIN8 system? Here's how to do this.

Completely disable the WIN8 Narrator feature

To disable the narrator feature of the WIN8 system, the primary approach is to find the relevant executable Narrator.exe, change the user to users, and then set their user rights to deny read and execute.

Press "Win+e" to open Win8 File Explorer and locate the following path: System partition: Windowssystem32,narrator.exe file is included in this directory. Of course, you can also enter "Narrator.exe" direct search in the search field.

Right-click Narrator.exe, select "Properties" from the right-click menu, click the "Security" tab, and tap the "Advanced" button.

Enter the file's Advanced Security Settings dialog window, and then click "Change" after "owner".

Enter the Select User or Group dialog window for owner settings, and click Advanced.

Click "Find Now", then select "Users" from the search results, then click on the "OK" button. Now we'll change the owner to users.

You can now see that the owner has been changed to Users.

Re-select Properties from the right-click menu of the Narrator.exe file. In the Security tab, select Read and execute and read from the Deny column for each user and group's permissions in the group or user name, that is, set the Read and execute permissions for all users to reject, and then click Confirm button

The Read and Execute permissions for all users in the Narrator.exe property are now set to deny.

Now the narrator feature of the WIN8 system is set to disabled, and if you want to open it, set the Narrator.exe file's user rights to allow read and execute in the same way.

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