WIN8 System Insert Disc no response solution

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WIN8 System Insert Disc no response solution

CD-ROM is the optical information as a storage carrier and used to store data of an object, in the use of computers often need to insert a CD in the computer to do some operations, but a lot of win8 system users found that after inserting the disc, no response, how to solve it? The following small series for everyone to bring about the WIN8 system Insert Disc no response solution! Let's go and have a look!

1, the use of CD-ROM to see a movie or installation system, and so on, a need to take out the disc when suddenly the disc card in the machine can not come out, such a situation we could try the Emergency pop-up button on the keyboard.

Generally can be used, if you still do not come out, you try to directly right-click in the system right click on the pop-up, it should be good. If the disc is stubborn, I recommend that you try to take a sewing needle and try to pop in an emergency pop-up.

2, CD-ROM into the computer after the optical drive has no response, and the optical drive has a slight sound, such a situation is generally the optical drive is faulty, you can open the chassis to see if there is a problem with the optical drive, if there is, you can gently use a tight, this should be used.

3, sometimes the optical drive has the dust, also will make the disc does not run smoothly or does not run, such circumstances you can take a cotton ball, in the CD-ROM drive gently wipe should be good.

4, after the CD into the computer, the screen display colorful, can not use or watch the contents of the CD, this is generally disc wear, we can use cotton gently wipe, generally if the disc wear seriously, basically there is no way to save, we can only buy again.

5, there is also a situation, the disc into the post without any reaction, there is no sound, such a case, the general analysis is the CD-ROM belongs to piracy, we can replace a genuine try, should be able to use, pirated optical discs generally even if you can use will greatly reduce the performance of the computer, the computer produced bad, Also damage the optical drive.

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