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The most intuitive change in the WIN8 system is the change in the interface compared to Win7 or previous versions of Windows systems. Start screen, lock screen wallpaper, everything is new. Of course, as long as there is a picture of the place, can be replaced, Win8 of these interfaces can also be based on the user's own preferences to replace, such as lock screen wallpaper.

Win8 new interface style support to directly modify the lock screen when the wallpaper, turn on the computer settings-more computer settings-Personalized settings-lock screen, you can change the other wallpaper.

Change Win8 lock Screen Wallpaper

In addition to their own wallpaper, users can also choose their favorite picture as a lock screen wallpaper. Click the "Browse" button at the bottom of the picture to locate the picture you want to set in the local directory, and then click "Select Picture" to do so.

Use a local picture as a lock screen wallpaper

If you don't know where to find a good picture, there's a way to try it. It is the Microsoft Bing Search home page, every day will carefully select the beautiful picture as the background, tell the picture story. The Bing app in Win8 can also set the picture as a lock screen wallpaper, so you don't have to worry about finding the right wallpaper source.

Bing Home Background image

After you open the Bing application, you can set the Bing theme wallpaper as a lock screen by using Save as screensaver in the screen application bar. Bing Theme Change daily, you can switch to the previous theme by the left and right key. You can now view topics within eight days.

Use Bing Home background for WIN8 lock screen Wallpaper

At the same time, using Bing to search the picture, you can also use the above method to set it as a lock screen wallpaper. However, the search for the wallpaper because of size, pixel and other reasons, not necessarily to achieve the best visual effects. It is recommended that you filter the search results in the application bar, select wallpaper under Size, and see if the picture's aspect ratio is appropriate for the current screen.

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