WIN8 system under the Task manager can not open how to do

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Below will teach you how to solve the problem that the System Task Manager cannot open.

Method A comprehensive solution

First or one by one. Try a variety of ways to open the Task Manager.

The most common way to open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+alt+del is:

Or, right-click in the blank space of the taskbar and choose Start Task Manager to open Task Manager:

A simpler approach is to simply press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key combination:

If none of the above methods work, you can open the Task Manager by opening the Run dialog box and entering "Taskmgr.exe":

If the following error occurs when you open Task Manager, you will need to check the system for damage to the Taskmgr.exe program:

It is recommended to enter the C:windowssystem32 directory under DOS, enter "dir task*.*" to check, if there are taskmgr.exe.manifes files, this error is usually caused by the existence of this file, delete this file can be:

Method of solving two special faults

Due to domain control or virus corruption or system corruption, it is possible that the Task Manager has been disabled by the system administrator, causing the task manager to not open at all:

You can then enter the "gpedit.msc" command in the "Run" dialog box to open Group Policy:

Expand the User Configuration--> Administrative Templates--> system-->ctrl+alt+del option, and on the right, double-click Delete Task Manager:

Then on the Settings tab, select the Not Configured single option, and then click OK.

If this does not work, then check to see if all related programs that are taskmgr.exe are corrupted, and you can try extracting them from the I386 folder of other normal computers or system disks to the C:windowssystem32 directory:

If you are in Win8, you can also press the Windows key +x key combination, pop-up system menu, select "Task Manager" can be, and this way is the administrator as open, this is win8 a very special skill, now tell you, remember:

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