Win8 the hard disk partition cannot be accessed under dual system.

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  Install dual system (WIN7/WIN8 for example) users may encounter this situation, that is, when access to the hard disk, there is always a disk is inaccessible, prompt "Access denied", then what should be done at this time?

The root of the problem is that there is not enough authority, and some people say I go to the super tube, but under Windows8 unless you don't want to play Metro UI application, you can only use this method now. (Win8 Open Super Admin is denied access to any Metro UI applications)

  Method steps:

1. First select the inaccessible disk, right-click, properties

2. Then: Security-advanced-change; go in and modify "owner"

After you modify it, add it. (If you have an account in the list that you are using, skip this step directly)

Add to:

Then in the list, locate the user you just added. (My previous figure already has this account, because the disk problem is fixed so I have it)

And then get the permissions, OK.

Then, it takes a few minutes for enjoy! to change permissions, depending on the size of the file, and wait patiently.

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