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When it comes to Win8, the first thing many people think about is touch screen, and indeed the support for touch operations is Win8 a very significant advance, which introduces Windows systems from one desktop system to more convenient mobile systems. So today we're going to talk about how efficient the Win8 with the touch screen will be.

The first advantage of the WIN8 system to the touch screen is that the portability is greatly improved, in the past we need to prepare the mouse and keyboard on business trip, now these all do not need, even touch pad can be discarded. We can do anything directly on the screen with our fingers, and even use the built-in touch-screen input method to type. This greatly reduces the cost of preparation for travel, both time and space.

Win8 Touch Keyboard

Take a look at Win8 's proud start screen, which can be said to be entirely designed for touch operations, with large area of color blocks and icons that enable the fingers to accurately touch the correct position to invoke the correct function. More importantly, in this interface, we use the gesture is very limited, just a few gestures can do all the operation, easy to start.

Start interface more suitable for touch operation

Here are some of the common gestures we've listed:

Click: Select the selected option;

Slide up and down: similar to the mouse wheel sliding screen;

The fingers slide up the bottom of the screen: Call the bottom menu bar;

Fingers slide down the top of the screen: Call the top menu bar;

Slide the finger on the right side of the screen: Pull up the charm bar;

Press and hold the top drag interface down: Close the application.

Finally, in the traditional desktop system, touch operation is still valid, click on the equivalent of the left mouse button, and long by the screen is equivalent to the right mouse button, as for the top and bottom smoothing can still be understood as the mouse wheel. At the same time click the window we can also implement drag, click the input box can be directly pop-up touch input keyboard.

Touch operations can also be used on the desktop

Has the touch characteristic to represent we can discard the keyboard and the mouse, but the simple several kind of gesture operation can let anyone be familiar with the use in a short time, but the Win8 starts the boundary to face the touch design optimization also lets the operation be more efficient fast. With Win8, who needs a mouse?

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