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Today, when you want to move the Windowsapps folder of the WIN8 system, it involves permission issues, to find a detailed tutorial, one of the steps is to enter the user name, called "Enter the object name to select." "User name with Administrator privileges" is entered here. A lot of people here are messy ... Pause the subject, and continue to look down, and then answer.

In the WINDOWS8 system we will encounter so many user names or IDs:

First: The upper right corner of Metro interface, the user name of the lock screen login interface;

Second: Microsoft ID username, whether live or Hotmail or Outlook are Microsoft ID;

Third: the so-called have administrator rights user name;

IV: Computer name.

Here we begin to decompose, Metro interface in the upper right corner and the lock screen login interface username is the user name of the Microsoft ID, if you install WIN8 use to Microsoft ID login, then you will always see, it consists of two parts, name and surname, such as: win8e Mr. So when you log in to Microsoft data, you will see that win8e is the name and Mr is the surname.

If you go through "computer-right-admin-local Users and groups-users" you can see the full name of win8e Mr. Just like the nickname you, as long as you modify the surname + name on the page, then you Win8 computer on the beginning of the interface in the upper right corner and the lock screen login user name will also sync, but the synchronization is not very timely! Today, I modified the page after a long time, the computer is synchronized, but to try from the settings-users to modify the password to stimulate the synchronization, and immediately complete synchronization. You see the modified username.

When we are installing the system is not entered the user name, such as input win8e, the system will be the computer name positioning win8e-pc. And this win8e will be your "user name with Administrator privileges" This is the user name that is used when the Windowsapps folder is first mentioned in the article. Computer name you can change the settings on the right side of the computer--right----attribute--point computer name. And this user name seems to be unable to change.

From computer-right-management-local Users and groups-users can see that the username is equivalent to the real name, the full name is the nickname, and the full name is the surname + name of the Microsoft ID. and WIN8 system through the desktop-personalized to the computer, Control Panel, user documentation to display the user's document after the name is also synchronized with the Microsoft ID, modified the name of the Microsoft ID, desktop user document name will also change. However, click to see the change is the name of the user's document, the real road strength has not changed, or c:userswin8e.

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