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In the past six months, the television station has been competing to launch various singing competitions, "China's good voice", "China's strongest tone", "I Am a Singer", and the upcoming "Happy Boys" and so on. A few shows look down, always give people a "reach the people everywhere" feeling, why they sing all so nice? When all the contestants introduce their own journey, it is not difficult to find that they can get good results in the game, and the usual practice is closely related to, if and they go to K song, then you must not get Mike. In fact, want to practice singing does not have to go out K song, at home, in their own tablet computer download a K song application, also can play the purpose of practice.

K-Pax, who had just launched the ipad, was a popular K-song application, and now, on the Surface tablet computer based on the WIN8 system, the K-Pax has also launched the corresponding version.

Open the karaoke, the first thing you can see is the special recommendations and the latest songs list, are the recent popular singers and tracks.

K-Song Talent Home

If you want to find a specific song, you can find it by the song Index. The song Index is arranged by the phonetic initials of the song name, and the list contains the name of the song, the original singer, and the theme icon.

Song Index

When you find a favorite song, you can sing it. K Song da People's K-song interface like we in the KTV, there are verbatim captions tips, and K-song people can also sing while showing a system rating, users can refer to the score to adjust their status.

K-Song Interface

K song talent can be recorded directly when singing, and can be recorded a key share to Sina Weibo.

Recording share to Sina Weibo

In addition, other K-song people can enjoy your work, and give your work scoring and comment.

Song Rating and Comment page

Overall, this is dedicated to WIN8 users to create personalized KTV application client, the super-dazzle K-song effect so that you anywhere as the most perfect KTV, a large amount of good songs for you to become 360 degrees invincible Super Mac.

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