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As with computers, many users on tablets are still browser apps. Unlike other tablets, Surface tablets based on Win8 can support two interface modes at the same time. The traditional interface without saying, everyone just according to their past habits, using their most familiar browser can be. And in the Metro interface, which browser better use it? Today we chose the UC browser to experience and see how this old mobile-end browser behaves under WIN8.

When using a browser on a tablet, the most common thing users do, in addition to browsing plain Web pages, is to see the video on the web. As we all know, Win8 Metro mode is not allowed to install Plug-ins, and now many video sites need to install plug-ins to play. In this regard, UC browser has been the first to achieve Youku, PPTV, CNTV and other sites of direct video playback.

UC Browser can play web video directly

Many sites pop up Windows to display ads, but if you set the browser to block all pop-ups, you may miss out on some helpful hints. When using the UC browser, if a pop-up is detected on the page, the user is prompted to choose whether to allow pop-up windows.

Support to intercept the Web page Automatic window

If your surface is not only for you to use, do not want others to see your web browsing record, you can through the UC browser to clear the record function, your browsing traces deleted. Current traces can be deleted include: Web site input history, search history, Access history, form user name and password, window intercept record.

Clear Browse Record

In the search interface, UC Browser can record all the search records, to facilitate the next search for the same keyword to use. Of course, if users do not want others to see their own search records, can be a single deletion of the search records or all empty operations.

You can delete or empty all the search records

Overall, Win8 version of UC Browser to bring users a good experience, the bookmark, history and other interface when the interactive speed was optimized. In the System menu to open bookmark synchronization, through the UC account login can real-time synchronization bookmarks across the platform.

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