win8.1 system C disk available memory is getting smaller how to solve

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win8.1 system C disk available memory is getting smaller how to solve

1. Disk Cleanup: Access to computer Explorer-right C disk-Properties-Disk Cleanup-Clean system files, view the footprint of each resource and check cleanup, paying special attention to previous Windows installations, the Windows old folder, Installing the system without formatting the system disk will put the previous system files into the Windows old folder, large capacity;

2, Virtual Memory: Virtual memory will be part of the hard disk space transfer as a virtual memory use, the form of a page file exists, generally occupy 2g-4g range. If your computer's physical memory is up to 4G or 4G, you can consider canceling the virtual memory setting;

Right-click Computer Icon-Properties-Advanced system Settings-performance-settings-advanced-change-remove automatic management check-select managed System-No paging file-settings-apply-OK-reboot the computer;

3, Windows update Automatic Update: Delete c:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload Download the automatic update patch;

4, System Protection: Right-click Computer icon-Properties-System Protection-configuration-disabled, delete the generated system protection files;

5, Hibernate files: Use the shortcut key win+x-command Prompt (Admin) input: powercfg-h off, enter, can close and delete hibernation files;

6, expand the partition: The most fundamental solution is to expand the size of the C-disk partition. At present, most of the mechanical hard disk mode of operation is faster than the inner ring speed, and the system partition is the C disk in the most outer ring, so software installation to C disk to start and read the fastest. Small part of the proposed use of partition assistant, such as partition software to adjust the capacity of C-disk between 70-150g is more appropriate;

7, loss of 20G: If the C disk lost for no reason 20G or dozens of G, check folder size is not on the words, may be the System protection gate value is too large to occupy

Right-click Desktop Computer icon-Properties-System Protection-configuration you can see the current system protection usage is 25.26G, the upper gate is 75.63G, so each install/uninstall software will automatically backup create restore point to occupy

Click Delete to set the upper gate lower than 10G.

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