Win8.1 system connection Mobile WiFi hotspot what happens to blue screen?

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recently has the use of win8.1 system users reflect, the computer connected to the mobile phone WiFi hotspot after the blue screen situation, this is how to solve it? Here are some ways to share this problem.

Reason Analysis:

The Wireless Signal Transfer Protocol (802.11n mode) in the Intel Network card driver is in conflict with the signal mode of some WiFi hotspots and has little to do with the wireless network driver version.

The method is as follows:

1, press win+x key, or right click the Start button, in the pop-up menu select Device Manager;

2, in the Device Manager to find the wireless network card and double-click to open, switch to the advanced item, the 802.11N mode of the value modified to "disabled", click OK, and then restart it.

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