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Win8.1 can't use the Xbox One game handle correctly?

Many Xbox players found that the Xbox One special game handle connected to the WIN8, Win8.1 computer equipment, although the system will recognize the game handle, but not normal work, not to mention the control of PC version of the game, modern version of the game application. Today, the Xbox player is also sorted out how to install a graphics tutorial using the Xbox One handle.

Since Microsoft has not yet released the Xbox One exclusive game controller driver to win8/win8.1, we need to use the WIN8 system to build a generic device driver and a third-party handle simulator. And, of course, thank the foreign developer Lucas Assis for the Xbox One game controller temp driver.

Reference Tutorials:

One, drive downloads: Click here to download (15.9MB)

First download Lucas offers a third-party Xbox One game handle driver pack, built-in drivers, Vjoy, X360CE, and LIBUSB tools.

Two, the Xbox one handle installs the article

1, the Xbox One handle connected to the computer device USB interface

2, access the Control Panel system and security system, turn on Device Manager, the system defaults to the Xbox One recognized as other game handles

3, click the game handle device, select "Update Driver software"

4. Select "Browse computer to find driver software"

5, continue to select the "Select from the list of device drivers from the computer" feature

6. Drop-down list, navigate to Universal Serial bus devices, and continue to the next step

7, select "Winusb equipment" in the manufacturer column, confirm the WINUSB equipment, continue the next installation

Three, the Xbox one game handle configuration article:

1, decompression compression package, run Vjoy_x86x64_i070314.exe installation program, check two components

2. Start VJoyConf.exe Main program

3, then configure the x, Y, Z axis and other keys, select Apply Effective

4, install Libusbdotnet_setup.2.2.8.exe main program, where the source and Example code components, LibUSB with filter capabilities components must be installed.

5, after installation, select Install a device filter, in the following list of equipment, check WINUSB equipment, complete installation

Four, Xbox one game handle optimization

1, running the Xboxgamepad_1.0app directory of XboxOneDriverApp.exe main program

2, the program will automatically identify the current connected Xbox One game handle

Note: If you encounter a game that does not support the Xbox One handle, you can turn on the Trigger button button function in the tool

Five, Xbox One handle simulation for Xbox 360:

If the player needs to simulate an Xbox One handle as an Xbox 360 device, the X360ce.exe main program in the XBOXGAMEPAD_1.0X360CE directory needs to be configured separately.

Note: The WIN8 user needs to set X360ce.exe to run in "Windows7" compatibility, the tool requires the player to generate a DLL and select Yes for the first time use.

At this point, we have successfully installed the Xbox One game handle on the win8/win8.1 platform, if all goes well, now you can use the handle to operate WIN8 modern version of the game, such as wild drag racing 7, wild drag Racing 8, Dungeon Hunter 4, Halo: Spartan Fighters, Six pistols,

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