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According to a number of recent media reports, Microsoft is about to launch the latest generation of operating system WINDOWS9. Earlier this month, there were reports that Microsoft would launch the latest version of the operating system, which, as currently described, would be named Threshold,threshold in late September or early October. Another media company said Microsoft plans to hold a press conference September 30 local time, at which Microsoft's latest version of the operating system will meet with the public.

Now that the date of the first Windows 9 is getting closer, many individual consumers and business consumers are interested in the features and projects of the new Windows operating system. The launch of Windows 8 was seen as a nightmare for Microsoft, and the launch of Windows 9 took the responsibility of saving Microsoft's corporate image and filling the gap with Windows7. In other words, Windows 9 does not allow any deviation, and Microsoft also through a variety of means to escort them all, and the following is the analyst's inventory of Windows 90 of the major features and projects worth looking forward to:

1, Cortana will show the most perfect performance

Cortana is seen as Microsoft's most desirable feature for the market in Windows 9. In fact, Cortana has already performed in the Surface tablet and office 3,652 products, although Cortana in Windows 9 will behave differently than the Cortana in the above products, But Microsoft believes its performance will be a triumph over Apple's Siri.

2, charms side bar is dead

Microsoft has introduced the Charms sidebar in Windows8, and Microsoft's goal is to use Charms sidebar to change the normal mode of user access to the Windows system. However, according to multiple media reports, the Charms sidebar will not appear in Windows 9. Microsoft believed that the role of the charms sidebar is to show users the most important programs on the desktop, and it should also provide users with the Windows system to do "navigation and guidance," but the performance of Windows 8 shows that Microsoft's two purposes are not achieved.

3, Start button return of the King

There are many indications that the Start button will appear in Windows 9. Microsoft decided to remove the Start button from the Win8, which makes many users feel the difficulty of using Windows systems is greatly improved. Media reports say Microsoft has received a lot of complaints about the inconvenient use of Windows 8 without a Start button, and Microsoft has finally complied with the public's call for the Start button to return to the Windows family.

4, the metro version of the application software with the Windows operating system will still exist?

Microsoft is not going to give up metro style apps, but the Windows system will not compromise. As a result, Win9 will have a situation where the Windows desktop is in harmony with the Metro model application.

5, the product of Windows multi-version operating system will no longer exist

Earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Nadra said the era of Windows ' multiple versions of operating systems would be history. Nadra stressed that he wants to integrate all of Microsoft's Windows research and development teams and requires that all people focus on a single operating system.

6. Integration of cloud products and cloud services

The inclusion of cloud products and cloud services in Windows 9 should not be surprising to market participants. Nadra has made it clear that Microsoft will evolve into a "mobile-first, cloud-first" enterprise, while Windows 9 integrates cloud products and cloud services as a best practice for the idea.

7, the application of the tablet computer enhanced gesture support function

Since Microsoft's goal is a "mobile first" enterprise, it is not surprising that the enhanced gesture support features that are available in Windows 9 are added to the tablet computer. From the information currently available, touch gestures will be the main way to release instructions for Windows 9.

8. More extensive system and platform aggregation

Nadra this summer that Windows 9 will implement multi-platform consolidation capabilities, and the platform here includes Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox.

9. Free use

Windows 9 will be open to all users for free, and the move is in response to Apple's recent decision to download the operating system free of charge. Microsoft is not going to make a profit on Windows software in the future, and its purpose is more that users will be more likely to accept paid-for-use value-added services after using free windows.

10, the final release date: 2015

According to media reports, the final version of Windows 9 will be launched in 2015. Microsoft will launch its beta test this autumn.

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