Wind and rain without plugging, travelled day, keep a heart, do not forget the original intention

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Year after year, day after day. Time is always so zipping, fleeting figure quietly buried, we still too late to think, everything is like clouds, not seen, let the wind blown by messy confused. Old language, ancient literati more lonely, but the drinker left its name, is this it? I do not know if I am not a scholar poets, I do not know whether I become a drinker, I also do not know that once their own lonely small can name the eternal, Riuvannian. Over the last few hours, I have been pondering the path, lonely, sad when the most is the imagination, thoughts most will be nostalgia. Strike, there is no reason, there is no silk cozy, again facing graduation, looking at the late night has been quiet asleep you, all kinds of complex things around the heart, how can not worry about graduation, the back of graduation is employment and unemployment.
Tonight is very feeling very confused, perhaps at this time the voice like sorrow, sadness. At this moment, it is better to forget everything, abandon the dust miscellaneous, carefully, quietly looking back to their university in the past few years what exactly did?

With the entrance examination of the bell ringing, we were the examiner forced to stop the hand of the slider, a dingy out of the examination room, leaving the door of the middle school, followed by anxiety waiting for a pile of bad things, the entrance examination scores of the announcement, fill the volunteer, admission. So that day finally arrived, carrying fellow's long-cherished ambition to enter the University Hall, came to this now also leave the university campus.

That year, that afternoon, only remember a bunch of light is still in the corner of a tall building. My father and I walked from the hometown of the bus, all kinds of looking, finally find belong to their own University of the welcome reception, with the school bus came to the campus, and then came to find their own college, in the seniors learn elder sister's help, various reports successfully ended. So he was like a little lamb with longing and shame shyness into a new life journey.

That year, I was a freshman, maybe fate, we met. Scorching, sweating, exclusively military training under the clothing exposed our immature dark face. The cool breeze, refreshing enough to let us grinning, instantly forget the savings in the heart for a long time of sorrow. Laughter, a song "Military Green Flower" let us forget melted and fatigue. 121, the slogan of iron, we are ready to start, resorting a perseverance to get the glory of their class. October, the late school, but let us have a different feeling. The end is in the sun, do not give up the spirit of our defeat is deeply imprinted in our hearts, the beginning is in that only belong to our dormitories and classrooms, do not forget that we all face the new semester, New life. Ever remember that, because of a sense of national identity, to join their own national society, because of a selfless spirit of dedication to join the service company with hope, because of a passionate passion and interest, dedicated to sports.

That year, I was a sophomore, began to college life helpless and fall pain, have a perfect college experience. As we all know, the first time to have their own love and Hang section as scheduled to come to their bodies, immediately feel the world helpless, all the disaster is their own. So make up, rebuild, skip class, do part-time and so on have experienced.

That year, I was a junior, listen to the teacher's advice and the graduates of the story, I feel dazed to the prelude of unemployment. Occasionally will go to the long-lost library to view the bibliography, perhaps hold a "line test" and "Shen Theory" spent an afternoon, let "Kimimoto" stay in mind, or perhaps any saliva sprinkled in scholarly, text.

Today, I am a senior, faced with a variety of enrollment information ensued. Dazed, is to let oneself stay a resume purely in a company life, or let the body and soul on the North drift, or perhaps carefully, seriously and really to prepare for civil servants and various institutions. All this is very jincu, only with a "at this time do not beat, more when." "Spirit in exchange for a peaceful future.

Tomorrow, away from the campus, but still spring. When looking back on the past, the university's little bit will still be vividly remembered, we once wore the same professional clothing, pretending to be a pair of adult appearance, hand-holding roses meet to the girls bedroom, and walk together on the way to the restaurant, attracted countless strange eyes, we just silly smile. There is no time to forget the school sports meeting, hand holding the award winning certificate on the platform to receive the prize, will not forget we stay in the KTV's voice, each one is running away very harmonious, not to abandon the period of confession, midnight in the girls downstairs pendulum heart-shaped candle, and finally vindicate failed.

The years are no trace, the water ruthless, in a blink of an eye on the university campus, but the youth of the song can still be heard in the ear, the dream sails will still guide us forward. Job search on the road, we will wind and rain without plugging, travelled day, while retaining a heart, do not forget the original intention.

Wind and rain without plugging, travelled day, keep a heart, do not forget the original intention

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