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1. Using the window of the world to visit the site is not normal, IE is no problem?

Cause: Some extensions to the window of the world may cause some page displays to be different from IE.

Workaround: Try to turn off the following features.

  2. The buttons and input boxes on the Web page become very small?

Why: After installing IE8, using some of the nonstandard system topics can cause this problem. There is also this problem on the IE8 itself.

Workaround one: Fix the CSS style file and place it in a safe place that will not be mistakenly deleted. Then from the Tools menu into IE options → general → accessibility → "Use style sheet format document", select the downloaded style file.

Solution Two: Right click on the window icon of the world and select Properties. Switch to compatibility, check "Disable visual style", and then run the World window again.

  3. When the mouse clicks, the page performance is not normal (Web page element "sticky" mouse)?

Reason: The ability to unlock page scripting limits by breaking the script on the Web page to achieve cracking restrictions. There is a compatibility problem with this approach.

Workaround: Try to turn off the page script throttling feature.

  4. Normal pop-up windows or Web page images are filtered?

Reason: Ordinary Web page elements may also use floating ads and pop-up windows technology. After the pop-up window and the floating element interception function are turned on, it is possible to filter the useful Web content by mistake.

Solution: Click on the button on the status bar, select "Temporarily do not filter this page", temporarily do not filter the current page. or select "Add to Whitelist" to no longer filter the current Web site.

  5. Open the Website pop-up download file dialog box?

Cause: Some cause of system XML module error.

Workaround: After exiting all browsers, run the following command in the Start menu → run:

regsvr32 msxml3.dll

Note: Vista, Windows 7 systems need to run with administrator privileges.

  6. Mouse drag and drop text does not search, become open Web page?

Reason: When drag-and-drop text contains/. When symbols are used, they are viewed directly as addresses without searching.

Solution: Select the text on the right click, choose Search Engine Search. or drag it to the search bar and search after it.

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