Window phone uses a mobile phone to control multimedia playback of the computer

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in order to use the computer to watch the movie convenient control, I suddenly think, do a mobile app to remotely adjust the volume on the computer through the wireless network. After the success of the attempt, I thought, just the volume seems monotonous, the play/pause, the last one, the next, and other multimedia control function Plus, so fun.
Here is a brief introduction to the principle of the whole solution of the source code I will share to everyone, for reference.

first say the server, because the control command is relatively simple, I directly with a WPF application to complete, so convenient to run, with the socket to communicate more trouble, I use WCF to do services, using Webservicehoset, Let WP mobile phone client use Http-post way to call.
this believes that everyone will, there is a core, is how to control the multimedia function of the system? In fact, you should find that on your laptop keyboard, there is a row of function buttons, you can press these keys to adjust the volume, control playback, the last song, etc., as well as a variety of function switches, such as turning on/off the wireless function.

That is, as long as the code can simulate the issue of these keys to achieve control, it is necessary to use the Win32 API in the SendInput function. In the initial attempt, I put the SendInput function into the managed code, but the call did not respond, I do not know whether it is not I import wrong.

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Window phone uses a mobile phone to control multimedia playback of the computer

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