WINDOW7 computer does not sound, prompted not to install any audio output device how to do

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Talking about the win7 system download official website of the fault, which is really a lot of kinds, not only that, cause the same fault is also a variety of reasons, and we have to do, is based on the Win7 flagship computer in the tip of the solution, only according to the prompts, We can accurately find the cause and find a solution, today, small series to introduce about the Win7 flagship computer failure is "Win7 flagship computer no sound, prompted not to install any audio output device", then encounter such a problem, how do we do?

1. If the Win7 flagship computer does not have a voice function, such as a desktop computer must be connected to the stereo or headphones, we first need to check these external devices to see whether the connection is correct, whether the equipment is damaged, if not, we will for their own Win7 flagship computer antivirus.

2. If the above method does not solve the problem, then we right click on the computer, and then enter the "Properties"---"Hardware"----"Device Manager", Next, we open the "voice, video and game controller" There is no problem, that is, to see if there is no yellow "?" If there is a question mark, we will uninstall the sound card, the Win7 flagship computer website to download the sound card driver.

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