Windows-003-outlook e-mail configuration graphic detailed

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This section takes you through the process of configuring e-mail with Microsoft Outlook under the Windows 7 operating system, with graphics and text. Please refer to the parents, if there are deficiencies, please correct me, thank you!

Gossip few, words to the point. The default user has Office Office software installed.

1. Through the Control Panel/user account and home security/mail access to the Mail settings interface, if you have previously configured the mail, the Mail settings interface is as follows:

2. Click the Email account button on the email Settings screen to access the email Account Settings screen.

3. The Email Account Settings screen is as follows (e-accounts have been configured)

PS: If you have not previously configured the mail, then in the user account and home security interface, after clicking on the mail, the Mail Settings screen appears as follows:

4. Through the steps in the 3rd or 4 images in this article, you can enter the interface for creating an e-mail account selection service, as shown in:

5. After entering the Auto Account Setup screen, the default account is the email account, and re-elected the service type in the box, as shown in:

6. Enter the interface of the selection service, a sentence of the same kind of step text to do related operations, as shown in:

7. Enter the e-mail account Information entry interface, a sentence of the steps in the text description of the corresponding e-mail account information settings, as shown in:

8. After the mail account Information entry is completed, click on the Other Settings button to enter the interface as shown, to perform the corresponding steps

9. Click the Test Account Settings button in the 7th step diagram to test if the account is properly configured

10. After the test pass, click the Next button in the mail account to complete the configuration operation.

At this point, congratulations to you have successfully completed the configuration of e-mail accounts, quickly start Outlook to send and receive mail, and friends email it ^_^

Windows-003-outlook e-mail configuration graphic detailed

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