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Windows 2 k/XP blue screen fault check information

1: *** stop 0x0000001e (0xc0000005, 0xfde38af9, 0x0000001, 0x7e8b0eb4)
Kmode_exception_not_handled ***
The first part of the error is the stop code (stop code), that is, stop 0x0000001e, which is used to identify the type of the error that has occurred. The second part is the four digit sets enclosed in parentheses, represents the random developer defined
Parameters (this parameter cannot be understood by common users, and can only be understood by drivers or developers of Microsoft Operating Systems). The third part is the error name, the first line of information is usually used to identify the driver or device that produces errors. This information is mostly concise, but downtime can be used as a search item in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical materials. Windows 2 k/XP has a lot of blue screen information, but their causes are often concentrated on incompatible hard
Software and drivers, problematic software, viruses, etc. Therefore, we provide you with some conventional solutions. When encountering a blue screen error, we should first eliminate these solutions against them. 1: restart; 2: Check whether the new hardware is plugged in, install the latest driver, and check whether the hardware is compatible with the operating system against the hardware compatibility category on the Microsoft website, if your hardware is not in the table, you can query the hardware vendor's website. 3: new drivers and services. If you have just installed a hardware driver or installed a software, in addition, it adds corresponding projects (such as anti-virus software, CPU cooling software, and firewall software) to the system service, causing a blue screen fault during restart or use, go to safe mode to uninstall or disable them. 4: Check for viruses, such as shock waves and ripple waves, which sometimes cause Windows blue screens to crash. Therefore, virus removal is essential. At the same time, some Trojan spyware will also lead to blue screens, so it is best to use the relevant tools for scanning; 5: Check bios and hardware compatibility: for new computers, blue screen problems often occur, check and upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, and disable memory-related items. For example: cache and ing. In addition, check your hardware against the Microsoft hardware compatibility list. In addition, if the motherboard BIOS cannot support large-capacity hard disks, it will also lead to a blue screen, you need to upgrade it; 6: Check System logs: Enter eventvwr In the start --> menu. MSC. When you press enter, the "Event Viewer" is displayed. Check the "System Log" and "Application log" items indicating "error". 7. query the downtime code: write down the dense e text in the blue screen, and then go to other computers to access the Internet, enter the Microsoft Help and Support Network, in the upper left corner of the "Search (Knowledge Base)" input downtime code, if the search result does not match the appropriate information, you can search for it again by selecting "English knowledge base". Generally, a useful solution is found here. In addition, the blue screen stop code or the following description text is used as a keyword search in search engines such as Baidu and Google, and there are often other gains. 8: The last correct Configuration: in general, the blue screen appears after the hardware driver is updated or the hardware is added and the driver is installed, the last correct configuration provided by Windows 2 k/XP is to solve the blue screen shortcut. Restart the system. When the boot menu appears, press F8 to display the advanced boot option menu, and then select "Last correct configuration"; 9: Install the latest system patch and Service Pack: some blue screens are caused by Windows defects, which can be solved by installing the latest system patch and service pack.

Windows 98/2 k/XP/2003 hardware compatibility list:
Windows 2 k hardware compatibility category:

2: 0x0000000a: irql_not_less_or_equal
Error Analysis: mainly caused by problematic drivers, defective or incompatible hardware and software. from a technical point of view. indicates that there is an Ethernet internal request level (IRQL) in kernel mode that has no permission to access
Memory Address.
Solution: Use solution 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9 in the preceding solution to try to eliminate this problem.

3: 0x00000012: trap_cause_unknown
Error Analysis: If this error message is returned, it is unfortunate that the analysis result of kebudcheck is that the cause of the error is unknown.
Solution: Think carefully about when this error occurs, what operations are performed on the system during the first occurrence, and what operations are being performed at the occurrence, find the possible causes from the information and select the corresponding solution to try to eliminate them.

4: 0x0000001a: memory_management
Error Analysis: This memory management error is often caused by hardware, such as problems with newly installed hardware and memory.
Solution: If it appears during Windows installation, it may be because your computer does not meet the minimum memory and disk requirements for Windows installation.

5: 0x0000001e: kmode_exception_not_handled
Error Analysis: an invalid or unknown process command is detected in the Windows Kernel. The shutdown code is generally caused by the faulty memory or a similar cause as 0x0000000a.
(1) hardware compatibility problems: Check whether all hardware is included in the list against the latest hardware compatibility list mentioned above.
(2) Problematic device drivers, system services, or memory conflicts and interruptions; if the driver name appears in the blue screen information, please try to disable or delete drivers in installation mode or fault recovery console, and disable all newly installed drivers and software. If an error occurs during system startup, enter safe mode, rename or delete the files marked in the blue screen information.
(3) If the error message clearly states that win32k. sys is likely to be caused by a third-party remote control software, you need to recover the service from the fault and close the service of the software in the console.
(4) The first restart after Windows is installed: The maximum suspicion may be caused by insufficient disk space or BIOS compatibility.
(5) If a software is disabled: the software may have design defects in this province, please upgrade or uninstall it.

6: 0x00000023: fat_file_system
0x00000024: ntfs_file_system
Error Analysis: 0x00000023 usually occurs when reading and writing the system partition of the fat16 or FAT32 file system, while 0x00000024 is caused by NTFS. sys File error (the driver file is used to allow the system to read and write the disk using the NTFS file system). These two blue screen errors may be caused by physical damage to the disk, or the packet (IRP) is damaged due to the interruption. Other causes include: Too Many disk fragments, too frequent file read/write operations, and extremely high data volume, or caused by some disk image software or anti-virus software.
Solution: first open the command line prompt and run "chkdsk/R" (Note: It is not chkdisk, it feels like this, ......) Command to check and fix hard disk errors. If the report contains a bad track, use the checking tool provided by the hard disk manufacturer to check and fix the problem.
Step 2: Disable all software, such as anti-virus software, firewall, or backup tools, that scan files.
Third: Right-click C;/winnt/syst/Drivers/fastfat. sys File and select "properties" to check whether the version matches the Windows version used by the current system. (Note: If it is XP, it should be C:/Windows/syst/Drivers/fastfat. sys ).
Fourth: Install the latest motherboard driver, especially the IDE driver. If your optical drive and removable memory also provide drivers, you 'd better upgrade them to the latest version.

7: 0x00000027: rdr_file_system
Error Analysis: it is difficult to determine the cause of this error. However, a problem with Windows Memory Management may cause this shutdown code.
Solution: For memory management, increasing the memory usually solves the problem.

8: 0x0000002eata_bus_error
Error Analysis: system memory parity errors are usually caused by defective memory (including physical memory, secondary cache, or video card memory) when the device driver accesses a memory address that does not exist. In addition, the hard disk is damaged by viruses or other problems to see the shutdown code.
Solution: (1) Check for viruses;
(2) run the "chkdsk/R" command to check all disk partitions;
(3) Check the memory with memory testing software such as memtest86;
(4) check whether the hardware is correctly installed, for example, whether it is solid or whether the golden finger has stains.

9: 0x00000035: no_more_irp_stack_locations
Error Analysis: literally, the driver or some software has a stack problem. In fact, the real cause of this fault should be that the driver has a problem in this province, or the memory has a quality problem.
Solution: Use the solution related to the driver and memory in the general solution described earlier.

10: 0x0000003f: no_more_system_ptes
Error Analysis: An error related to system memory management. For example, a large number of input/output operations may cause memory management problems: defective drivers improperly use memory resources. An application (such as backup software) is allocated a large amount of kernel memory.
Solution: Uninstall all newly installed software (especially those that enhance disk performance and anti-virus software) and drivers.

11: 0x00000044: multiple_irp_compliete_requests
Error Analysis: usually caused by hardware drivers.
Solution: uninstall the recently installed driver. This fault rarely occurs. Currently, we know that
Http:// of this company.

12: 0x00000050age_fault_in_nonpaged + Area
Error Analysis: problematic memory (including in-house memory, secondary cache, and video memory), incompatible software (mainly remote control and anti-virus software) damage to NTFS volumes and faulty hardware (for example, the CI plug-in card itself is damaged) will cause this error.
Solution: Use the memory, software, hardware, hard disk, and other related solutions in the conventional solution for troubleshooting.

13: 0x00000051: registry_error
Error Analysis: this shutdown code indicates that the Registry or System Configuration Manager has an error. Because the hard disk itself is physically damaged or the file system is faulty, an input/output error occurs when reading the registered file.
Solution: Use "chkdsk/R" to check and fix disk errors.

14: 0x00000058: ftdisk_internal_error
Error Analysis: indicates that an error occurs in the master drive of the fault tolerance set.
Solution: first, restart the computer to check whether the problem can be solved. If not, try "Last correct configuration.

15: 0x0000005e: critical_service_failed
Error Analysis: it is caused by a very important system service startup identification.
Solution: if a new hardware is installed, You can first remove it, check whether it is compatible with Windows 2 k/XP through the online list, and then start the computer, if the blue screen still appears, use "Last correct configuration" to start Windows.
If this still fails, we recommend that you install or reinstall it.

Error Analysis: this error occurs when Windows is started. It is generally caused by a faulty driver or damaged system file.
Solution: We recommend that you use the Windows installation CD to fix and install the system.

17: 0x00000076rocess_has_locked_pages
Error analysis: a driver does not properly release the occupied memory after an input/output operation.
Solution: 1. Click start --> Run: regedt32, find [HKLM/system/currentcontrol set/control/sessionmanager/memory management], and create a dual-byte value "tracklockedpages" on the right ", the value is 1, so that Windows will track the driver problem when the error occurs again. 2. If the blue screen appears again, the error message will be: Stop: 0x0000000cb (0xy, 0xy, 0xy, 0xy) driver_left_locked_pages_in_process, the fourth "0xy" is displayed as the name of the problematic driver, which is then updated or deleted. Finally, go to the Registry and delete the added "tracklockedpages ".

18: 0x00000077: kernel_stack_inpage_error
Error Analysis: It indicates that the kernel data to be used is not found in the virtual memory or physical memory. This error is often caused by disk problems, data corruption or virus erosion.
Solution: Use anti-virus software to scan the system and run the "chkdsk/R" command to check and fix disk errors. If not, use the tool provided by the disk manufacturer to check and fix disk errors.

19: 0x0000007a: kernel_data_inpage_error
Error Analysis: this error is often caused by kernel data in the virtual memory being unable to be read into the memory. The possible cause is that the virtual memory page file contains bad clusters, viruses, disk controller errors, and memory problems.
Solution: first, use the latest antivirus software to scan and kill viruses. If there is still 0xc000009c or 0xc000016a code in the prompt, it indicates that it is caused by bad clusters, in addition, the system's disk detection tool cannot be automatically repaired. In this case, you must go to the "fault recovery console" and use the "chkdsk/R" command to manually fix the problem.

20: 0x0000007b: inacessible_boot_device
Error Analysis: Windows cannot access system partitions or start volumes during startup. Generally, this occurs when the system is started for the first time after the motherboard is changed, this is mainly because the new motherboard and the old motherboard ide controller use different chipset, sometimes caused by virus or hard disk damage.
Solution: Generally, you only need to use the installation disc to start the computer, and then execute repair and installation to solve the problem. For viruses, you can use anti-virus software of DOS version for virus detection and removal (kv2005dos version is available for the main battle ). If there is a problem with the hard disk itself, install it on another computer, and then use "chkdsk/R" to check and fix disk errors.

21: 0x0000007e: system_thread_exception_not_handled
Error Analysis: system processes generate errors, but Windows Error processors cannot be captured. There are many causes, including hardware compatibility, problematic drivers or system services, and some software.
Solution: use Event Viewer to obtain more information and find the root cause of the error.

22: 0x0000007f: unexpected_kernel_moed_trap
Error Analysis: It is generally caused by faulty hardware (such as memory) or some software, and sometimes the error is caused by overclock.
Solution: Use the detection software (such as memtest86) to check the memory. If the memory is too frequently, cancel the overclock, unplug the PCI hardware card from the motherboard slot, or change the slot. In addition, some mainboards (such as nforce2 mainboard) will lead to a blue screen when the nanqiao chip is overheated. Adding a heat sink to the chip can effectively solve the problem.

23: 0x00000080: nmi_hardware_failure
Error Analysis: usually caused by hardware.
Solution: If you have recently installed new hardware, remove it, try replacing the slot, and install the latest driver. If you have upgraded the driver, restore the original version; check whether the memory golden finger is contaminated or damaged, scan for viruses, Run "chkdsk/R" to check and fix disk errors, and check that all hardware plug-ins are inserted. If the above attempts are ineffective, you have to ask a professional computer service company for help.

24: 0x0000008e: kernel_mode_exception_not_handled
Error Analysis: kernel-level applications produce errors, but Windows Error processors are not captured, usually due to hardware compatibility errors.
Solution: Upgrade the driver or BIOS.

25: 0x0000009c: machine_check_exception
Error Analysis: usually caused by hardware, generally because of overclock or hardware problems (memory, CPU, bus, power supply ).
Solution: If overclocking is performed, reduce the CPU usage and check the hardware.

26: 0x0000009friver_power_state_failure
Error Analysis: often related to power supply, often occurs in power-related operations, such as shutdown, standby or sleep.
Solution: reinstall the system. If the problem persists, replace the power supply.

27: 0x000000a5: acpi_bios_error
Error Analysis: Generally, the main board BIOS does not fully support ACPI specifications.
Solution: if there is no corresponding BIOS upgrade, you can install Windows 2 k/XP, when the "Press F6 if you need to install a third-party SCSI or raid driver" prompt appears, press F7 to disable installation of ACPI Hal in windows, install standard PC Hal.

28: 0x000000b4: video_driver_init_failure
Error analysis: the stop information indicates that the graphics card driver cannot be started in windows and thus cannot enter the graphic interface. It is usually a problem with the graphics card, or there is a hardware conflict with the graphics card (for example: conflicts with parallel or serial ports ).
Solution: Go to security mode to check whether the problem is resolved. If yes, upgrade the latest graphics driver. If not, it is likely that the video card conflicts with the parallel port, you need to press win + break in safe mode to open "System Properties", find and double-click the Device Manager in hardware --> Device Manager to connect to the printed LPT1 port, on the "Resources" tab, deselect "use automatic configuration" and change "03bc" of "input/output range" to "0378 ".

29: 0x000000be: attempted_write_to_readonly_memory
Error analysis: a driver attempts to write data to the read-only memory, usually after a new driver is installed, the system service, or the firmware program of the device is upgraded.
Solution: if the error message contains the driver or service file name, uninstall or disable the newly installed driver or software.

30: 0x000000c2: bad_pool_caller
Error analysis: a kernel-layer process or driver attempts to operate in memory by mistake, usually caused by a driver or software with bugs.
Solution: Please refer to the general solution-related items described earlier for troubleshooting.

31: 0x000000ceriver_unloaded_without_cancelling_pending_operations
Error Analysis: usually caused by problematic drivers or system services.
Solution: Please refer to the general solution-related items described earlier for troubleshooting.

32: 0x000000d1river_irql_not_less_or_equal
Error Analysis: it is usually caused by problematic drivers (for example, the Logitech mouseware 9.10 and 9.24 drivers of the Logitech mouse will cause this fault). At the same time, this error is also caused by defective memory, corrupted virtual memory files, and some software (such as multimedia software, anti-virus software, backup software, and DVD player software.
Solution: Check the latest installed or upgraded Driver (if "ACPI. sys "and other similar file names, can be very certain when the driver issues) and software; test whether there is a problem with the memory; go to the" fault recovery console ", go to the virtual memory page file pagefile. run "del pagefile. sys "command to delete the page file, and then run the chkdsk/R command in the partition where the page file is located; enter windows and reset the virtual memory. If you encounter this blue screen while surfing the Internet, and you are downloading and uploading a large amount of data (such as online games and Bt downloads), it should be a NIC driver problem, upgrade the driver.

33: 0x000000ea: thread_stuck_in_device_driver
Error Analysis: it is usually caused by a video card or video card driver.
Solution: first, upgrade the latest graphics card driver. If not, you need to change the graphics card to test whether the fault persists.

34: 0x000000ed: unmountable_boot_volume
Error Analysis: this error is generally caused by a disk error. Sometimes it is recommended to check whether the hard disk connection is not in good contact or whether the connection line meets the hard disk transmission specifications, for example, the ATA-100 is still using the connection line of the ATA-33, the low speed hard disk does not matter, but tell the hard disk (Support ATA-66 or above) more stringent requirements, wrong specifications of the line sometimes will cause this kind of no way to boot fault. If this error occurs frequently after repair, it may be a precursor to hard disk damage.
Solution: Generally, the restart will solve the problem. In any case, we recommend that you run the "chkdsk/R" command to check and fix the hard disk.

35: 0x000000f2: hardware) interrupt_storm
Error analysis: the kernel layer checks that there is an interruption storm in the system. For example, the interruption that a device does not release after the operation is completed is usually caused by a defective driver.
Solution: upgrade or uninstall the latest installed hardware driver.

36: 0x00000135: unable_to_locate_dll
Error Analysis: It usually indicates that a file is lost or damaged, or the Registry has an error.
Solution: if the file is lost or damaged, the corresponding file name is usually displayed in the blue screen information. You can find the corresponding file through the network or other computers, and copy it to the System32 subfolder in the system folder. If the file name is not displayed, it is likely that the Registry is damaged. Use System Restoration or previous registry backup to recover the file.

37: 0x0000021a: status_system_process_terminated
Error analysis: the user mode subsystem, such as Winlogon or CSRSS, is damaged when the customer service is running. Therefore, security cannot be ensured and the system cannot be started. Sometimes, when the system administrator mistakenly modifies the user account permissions, the user cannot access system files and folders.
Solution: Use "Last correct configuration". If it is invalid, use the installation CD to fix and install it.

38: Stop 0xc0000221 or status_image_checksum_mismatch
Error analysis: the driver or system DLL file is damaged. Generally, the file name appears on the blue screen.
(1) Use the Windows installation CD for restoration and installation;
(2) If you can still enter security mode, you can "start --> Run": SFC/scannow
(3) You can also Extract files to go to the "fault recovery console" and use the copy or expand command to copy or decompress damaged files from the disc. However, blue screens are generally caused by driver files.
The expand command will be used, for example, the blue screen prompts TDI. sys File, because the driver file is generally in the i386/driver package, so use: Expand % CDROM:/i386/driver. CAB/F: TDI. sys C:/winnt/system/drivers. (XP is expand % CDROM:/i386/driver. CAB/F: TDI. sys C:/windowns/system/drivers ).

39: if the following blue screen shutdown code is displayed at startup:
If a blue screen appears when Windows is started and an error message in Appendix 1 is displayed, most of the time there is a hardware problem. Use the diagnostic tool provided by the hardware manufacturer to determine whether the hardware is faulty, go to the website to check whether there are the latest BIOS or firmware update programs. If the hardware is correct, reinstall windows 2 k/xp. If the problem persists, you can only seek professional technical support.
If you encounter an error message in Appendix 2, and you only need to reinstall windows, if the problem cannot be solved, we recommend that you ask for professional technical support.

Appendix 1:
Downtime code error name
0x31 phaseo_initalization_failed
0x5c hal_initialitaion_failed
0x5d heap_initialitaion_failed
0x5e object_initialitaion_failed
0x5f security_initialitaion_failed
0x60 process_initialitaion_failed

Appendix 2:
Downtime code error name
0x32 phaseappsinitalization_failed
0x61 hal1_initalization_failed
0x62 object1_initalization_failed
0x63 securityappsinitalization_failed
0x64 symbolic_initalization_failed
0x65 memoryreceivinitalization_failed
0x66 cache_initalization_failed
0x67 config_initalization_failed
0x68 file_initalization_failed
0x69 io1_initalization_failed
0x6a lpc_initalization_failed
0x6b process1_initalization_failed
0x6c refmon_initalization_failed
0x6d session1_initalization_failed
0x6e session2_initalization_failed
0x6f session3_initalization_failed
0x70 session4_initalization_failed
0x71 session5_initalization_failed

Old Version:

0x0000 completed
0x0001 incorrect number of letters
0x0002 systems cannot find the specified file
0x0003 system cannot find the specified path
0x0004 systems cannot open files
0x0005 reject access
0x0006 invalid substitution
0x0007 the memory group has been modified
0x0008 insufficient memory space, unable to handle this command
0x0009 Invalid Memory group address
0x000a incorrect Environment
0x000b program written into a program in the specified format
0x000c access zookeeper
0x000d Information
0x000e indicates that the system does not have enough space to complete this operation.
The specified hard drive cannot be found for the 0x000f system.
0x0010 cannot remove the object category
0x0011 systems cannot move files to other hard drives
0x0012 no files
0x0019 cannot find the specified magnetic zone or magnetic Region
The disk or disk specified by 0x001a cannot be accessed.
0x001b the required magnetic area cannot be found
0x001c printer not available
The 0x001d system cannot route data into the specified disk.
The 0x001e system cannot retrieve the specified sequence.
0x001f failed to connect to a certain sequence of the system
Part of the 0x0021 file is pinned
0x0024 too many shared files are opened
0x0026 to the end of the hosts file
0x0027 magnetic disk renewed
0x0036 Network busy
0x003b external network development business
0x0043 network name unavailable
0x0050 files already exist
0x0052 cannot create a category or file
0x0053 int24 loss of memory
0x006b because the used disk has not been inserted, the program has stopped
0x006c disk in use or determined
0x006f the case name is too long
0x0070 insufficient hard disk space
0x007f cannot find the specified program
The 0x045b system is shutting down.
0x045c cannot establish a system connection because no operation is in progress.
0x046a the available server has insufficient memory and cannot handle this instruction.
0x047e: the specified program requires a new Windows version.
0x047f the program specified is not a Windows or MS-DOS Program
0x0480 the specified program has been triggered and cannot be started again
0x0481 indicates that the program is installed on windows in the latest version.
0x0482 bytes indicates one of the program hosts files required by the application.
0x0483 no application is applicable to the specified file for this operation.
0x0484 sending commands to application programs
0x04b0 the specified sequence name is invalid.
0x05a2 window is not a subwindow
The 0x05aa system has insufficient resources and cannot complete the required services.
The 0x05ab system is insufficient and cannot complete the required services.
The 0x05ac system has insufficient resources and cannot complete the required services.
0x06b9 unable to complete the operation because the resource is insufficient

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