Windows 2008 uses Linux LDAP authentication

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The company puts Linux servers in the subnet for data security needs, but Linux is not too convenient to view documents. Then the leader says toss a Windows dedicated to viewing documents.

The online search for the next Pgina can be used for Windows LDAP authentication. Because ad is not in that subnet, for installation reasons, only LDAP authentication with Linux is used.

Directly from a Windows 2008 virtual machine. Install the Pgina inside. Open the software.

1: Hook up the LDAP-related options. The gateway is also hooked up because you want to operate the group. Then click Configure

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2: Change the LDAP address and base directly here

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3: Click Gateway. My side is set to automatically add to the Remote Desktop Users group as soon as the logins are added. and then save

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4: Remember to change the authentication order.

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5: You can now enter the relevant account test.  If LDAP is green, you can. In the beginning, if not,

This account, perhaps the local machine is red. Never mind.

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6: Now telnet to this server is the case. To some finish

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After the certification is done, consider the documentation on Linux NFS, and then install the NFS client, Windows 2008

You can add the file Services role directly.

NFS is mounted automatically after logging in to the system. The front with bat wrote the script, but really did not toss out, has been wrong,

There is no way to write a golang with a.

package mainimport  (     "OS"      "Os/exec"       "FMT"      "Bufio"      "strings"      "Time") func  main ()  {    conf := make (map[string]string)      User := os. Getenv ("USERNAME")     //  related NFS server information is stored directly in the file below.     f, err  := os. Open (' C:\Windows\auto.nfs ')     if err != nil {         fmt. Println ("Open config file error")         os. Exit (1)     }    defer f.close ()     rd :=  bufio. Newscanner (f)     for rd. Scan ()  {        trim := strings. Trimspace (Rd. Text ())         split := strings. Split (trim, ' \ ')         conf[split[len (split) -1]] = trim     }    if _, exist := conf[user]; exist  {        for i:=0; i<5; i++ {             exec. Command ("Mount", "-o rsize=32,wsize=32,fileaccess=755", Conf[user], "Z:"). Run ()             time. Sleep (2000000000)             if _, err  := os. Open (' z:\ '); err == nil {                 fmt. Println ("Mount nfs ok")                  os. Exit (0)             } else {                 fmt. Println ("Mount nfs error")             }                         }      }}

Once compiled, put it in the Startup folder of all users.

In addition above this mount NFS is read-only. Because the user name is not mapped, consider that they are just looking at the document and no toss.

If the Linux NFS server is version 4.1, it might be better to use this to support LDAP authentication

Ms-nfs41-client only supports 4.1


Windows 2008 uses Linux LDAP authentication

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