Windows 7 Boot animation error What to do?

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I do not know where to move the settings, now Windows 7 after the turn of the animation error, turned into Vista Green scroll instead of four color ball rotation and assembled into Windows logo, how to restore?

A: If the previous boot animation is normal, you can exclude the display resolution of less than 1024x768 or CPU too bad these reasons. The basic certainty is due to a system language setting error.

Check the system language settings for errors: Click "start → all Programs → attachments", right-click "command Prompt" → "Run as Administrator", and type bcdedit in the command window. Check to see if the Windows Boot Manager and Windows boot loader locale correspond to the language of the Windows 7 system.

If this is not the case, type the following command in the command window: bcdedit/set {current} locale ZH-CN ("ZH-CN" represents the Chinese version)

Reboot the system to restore the default boot animation for Windows 7.

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