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Secure your account--online game security treasure

Have you ever lost your game account?

A beloved online game contains how much of our efforts-how many sleepless nights for upgrades, how many pocket money for the point card props, how many times the limited equipment ... The account is stolen, is equal to our painstaking efforts to be stolen!

Defend the account from now on!

In the end how to defend full of their own heart and soul game account, in fact very simple, we just put all aspects of the game, from installation, download to the use of upgrades, step-by-step, to prevent the clinging, no one can not take our account!

The first step: the good system off

Network games must be installed on the operating system, operating system, so the operating system is safe is our online account security Base! How to ensure the security of the system!

Make full use of system self-protection

The Windows operating system has its own multiple protection features, such as Windows 7 with a two-way firewall, updated Automatic Updates, anti-malware Defender and other protection systems, to provide a good security foundation for online games.

The second step: The good anti-virus software off

Online games, of course, to the Internet to swim, can be a mixed network environment, crisis, a good anti-virus software can effectively kill a variety of viruses, malicious software through the Internet to the implementation of the computer aggression.

No "streaking."

Because antivirus software is too expensive, holding a lucky mind to let their own computer "bare metal" Internet access? Absolutely not, you can try Microsoft Security protection software Essentials, as long as the genuine Windows users can download free use Oh!

The third step: Put the good download off

Warcraft client, the Hao side against the platform, and even small plants vs zombies, the more popular game is likely in the installation files, download page was hackers implanted virus, Trojan, malicious programs, how to avoid downloading the recruit?

Official downloads, Real time detection

The official web site downloads are original installation files, no risk of implantation, and can be used in conjunction with Internet Explorer 8, which defaults to open the SmartScreen filter, real-time through the network with Microsoft's vast reputation database for comparison ( The database, which has been monitored by Microsoft for many years and brought together by a number of malicious websites discovered by consumers, can be ejected at any time, effectively intercepting all the known dangerous pages and downloads.

Fourth step: The Good privacy is closed

What privacy? account password is privacy, in addition to their own can only know how to know! We don't say how anyone else knows? When you enter a peek, internet cafes did not timely clearance, check your internet records ... What are we going to do?

Privacy mode, no trace of Internet access

Internet cafes, such as public places, when you enter the password to pay attention to the people around you, using a public computer or other computers, in time to clear the Internet records, of course, you can also use more thorough Internet Explorer 8 InPrivate privacy browsing mode online, username, password, history, temporary files ... ... All will not leave traces, more thoroughly more safe.

The fifth step: the good psychology closes

Play the game must have a good psychological quality, not quick success, must not hear the "Value Point card" "Low-cost equipment" "Fast upgrade Plug-in" and so on the impulse of the temptation to click on various unknown links, to lead themselves astray.

Burner jingjing, see through fishing

In addition to restraining the "impulse" against "Heart Demon", you can also use Internet Explorer 8, his domain highlighting, XSS filter can help you real-time identification of phishing sites, effective protection of our online account.

Internet Explorer 8 Domain name highlighting, the resolution of a variety of computer language sites, the real domain name highlighted, effectively cracked a variety of domain name spoofing, in the end, which site at a glance to know!

Internet Explorer 8 Opens the XSS filter by default, helping you to effectively withstand a variety of more covert cross-domain scripting attacks, automatically shielding you from malicious code on your Web site, and allowing you to browse to a truly reliable web site.

The ultimate step: Turn the key off.

What else should we do besides the above security measures?

? Keep in mind the password hint problem

? Bind mobile Phone number

? ......

Add a lock to the password, not afraid of 10,000 afraid in case, these can be back to the important basis of password Oh!

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