Windows 7 On-Screen Keyboard usage

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On-Screen Keyboard is mainly for temporary replacement of the physical keyboard as data entry or control use, support single and key combination input, compared to the screen on the silver keyboard, such as the system with a relatively low keyboard security, or better than the physical keyboard, as a special account password input or temporary server management, sometimes still used.

First, start Windows 7 on the on-screen keyboard

There are a number of well-known 38 digital bugs before the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard, but now you have fixed the Windows 7 screen method after startup:

1, click: Start-"Control Panel-" Easy access-"easy access to the center, if the only temporary start on the screen keyboard, only need to click on the image of the launch icon, if you need each login to start the screen keyboard, you can set up" with no mouse or keyboard computer. "

2, set each login to start

When you choose to use the on-screen keyboard, you will automatically start the on-screen keyboard each time you log on, and then select OK.

3. Screen Keyboard Start interface

Introduction to Windows 7 On-Screen Keyboard usage

1, commonly used input is needless to say, very simple, only need to pay attention to a point, need to pay attention to the current focus window, or you may point to a half-day no response. The simple way is to click in the window or the input box, and then click on the on-screen Keyboard, if the desktop operation click on the desktop once, the toolbar action click on the toolbar once, and then use the TAB key or up and down arrow to control.

2, switch input method, is generally CTRL + SPACEBAR, language rotation: Ctrl+shift, you can refer to the local Input Method property settings, extended reading:.

3, Ctrl+shift key combination effect:

4, Start menu effect, note that you need to click two times before it will be displayed, the Start menu needs to be combined with tab or up and down ARROW keys to use.

5, open the keypad on the screen keyboard

Need to click on the above main interface of the options (option) settings, where the hover input, such as boring too slow, the following figure:

Part of the keypad screenshot:

6, input with F1,F2,F3,F4 and other key combination method

First press the FN function key, the above number key, plus minus sign equals number will automatically become F1 to F12, and then to press the other hot keys, or vice versa.

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