Windows 7 System common quick action method

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First, show the desktop, more smoothly

In Win 7, Microsoft will "Show desktop" button placed in the lower right corner of the desktop screen, the right side of time, a change to the previous XP system operating habits, click to quickly display the desktop, more user-friendly operation.

And the mouse will rest on the display of the desktop button, a moment later to preview the display of the desktop, users can not click on the display of the desktop, can preview the contents of the desktop and icons.

Second, wallpaper replacement, more intelligent

In Win 7, the desktop display feature has been significantly enhanced to set a rollover style, without the need to install the wallpaper replacement tool, easy to achieve multiple wallpaper to rotate in the form of a slide show.

How to: In the desktop space, right click "Personalized", start the "personalization" interface, and then click on the "desktop background." Enter the desktop background settings interface, users can choose to set the desktop theme and theme style, sound settings, desktop background slide show, and so on.

When you set up desktop wallpaper rotation, you can set the interval time and order or shuffle playback. It is worth mentioning that, when you select multiple desktop wallpaper rotation, the desktop Right-click menu also integrates a "show next wallpaper" feature to facilitate users to replace the wallpaper in advance.

Third, the taskbar, more powerful

In Win 7, the taskbar is more powerful, not only to quickly view the history information that a program has visited, to view previously used files, or to preview an open application window.

Hover the mouse over an application icon (such as IE9) on the taskbar to display a small window of open pages on the icon, and when you move your mouse to a small page window, you can preview the page window in the desktop to make it easier for users to preview and switch freely.

When you right-click an application icon (such as word) in the taskbar, you can display a history list that lists all the recently opened document names for that program, click any of the document names to open it, and, in the list, right-click the delete from List command to clear unwanted records.

Start menu, Faster

In Win 7, the Start Menu feature has been enhanced to make it easier for users to open frequently used files, as well as the recent application categories, and directly click to open the most recently used files, very convenient.

In the Start menu, in the recently launched programs list, the user's most recently opened application is displayed, and when you move the mouse over a program, the name of the program's most recently opened file is displayed to the right of the list, which is fast and easy to view.

The Start menu, the most recent application list and the list of all programs to switch between the more convenient, directly click on "All Programs" or the mouse to pause for a moment, you can show the list of all programs, click "Back" or the mouse pause for a moment, you can return to the list of recent programs.

Five, window maximization, that is, drag-and-display

In Win 7, the application window maximized, there is a more covert operation, that is, with the mouse hold down the application window, drag to the top of the desktop, in the desktop around the border, release the mouse, you can maximize the window.

The above is the Windows 7 system commonly used quick Operation method Oh!

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